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Introducing: MEGABIG

Introducing: MEGABIG


MEGABIG harkens back to the era of Van Halen with a bluegrass tinge. Despite how terrible that idea sounds, MEGABIG is absolutely fantastic and gives us the best of power chord rock and roll. What makes the band’s self-titled debut EP so good is that the band, unlike the genre they are modeling themselves after, isn’t afraid to try something non-commercial and potentially off putting. The guitar will switch from basic power chords to a searing solo, the back-up vocals are inspired, and in addition to this there are moments where the entire song will just devolve into Sonic Youth noise.

On top of all of this MEGABIG is just, simply put, fun. It has the same six pack-loving care free feel that is indicative of hair metal bands, but the music itself isn’t as bland as that genre. Each track offers the listener a new form of pure rock and roll joy.


Published: September 17, 2012 |

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