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New Single- GAL PALS- "For Our Sake"

New Single- GAL PALS- "For Our Sake"

You’ve heard this idea before. Surf beat, reverb vocals, lo-fi-ness all around. But unlike other garage pop groups, GALPALS isn’t wholly boring; quite the opposite in fact. Bands that use retro aesthetics (so…all of them basically) are under the misperception that their music has to be lackluster and mellow (because I guess that’s what they think 1950-1988 was like). They follow this concept to a fault. This is not a mistake to be made by learned people. GAL PALS seems to have picked up on this as their new single “For Our Sake” is far from jaded. The guitar progressions are quick, bouncy, and have a natural feel. The vocal melodies are what sell the track. Even the reverb heavy background vocals instill vigor and swing into your step (the backup vocals which are, by the way, perfectly placed within the song). To miss this new group would be folly. -Taylor Browne

Published: September 28, 2012 |

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