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SIP SIP Releases Party Record, Saturday 9/7/13 @ Scoot Inn

SIP SIP Releases Party Record, Saturday 9/7/13 @ Scoot Inn

Blasting horns. Glitchy keyboards. Group shouting. Changing tempos. Dance beats! And that’s just the first song from SIP SIP’s debut EP, Party Record. The song, appropriately titled “Check This Shit Out” is a call to action. Like a mix between a James Bond theme and the music blaring from the speakers in Need For Speed, you just know you have to hear the rest.

Throughout these seven songs, you’ll find the perfect moment to bob your head and jam your shoulder into the guy next to you. If your shoes aren’t sticky with spilled beer, you aren’t listening to SIP SIP in the right place. Billing themselves as "America’s Party Band", I think the moniker suits them. Rappers and singers filter in and out of songs like people wandering in and out of a party.

My favorites appear later in the disc. "Rippin’ in the Kitchen" has the kind of anticipatory build I appreciate. Hypnotic toms kick it off and are quickly joined by some noodling horns. After a quick verse and a chorus, it becomes the best jam song of the year. "Summer School" is catchy and repetitive in all the right ways with alternating verses from a series of rappers. The sparse, perfectly timed drums match exactly with your pulse. The perfect comedown from a great high.

Pick up SIP SIP’s EP on Saturday, September 7 at The Historic Scoot Inn. And in the meantime, you can click on the premier streaming link for their song "You're So White" here. At Scoot Inn they are playing with other high energy bands including: Corduroi, SPEAK, Flavor Raid, SubKulture Patriots and Holiday Mountain. This is one party you don’t want to miss. -Written by Josh Denslow 

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