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Super Thief

Super Thief

Super Thief is one of the four artists up for our most recent edition of The Deli Austin's Artist of the Month Poll, and they are without question the loudest, grittiest band in consideration this go around. They also just put out a 7 song eponymous EP in January that's not just good and heavy as fuck, it's also smart, and from the first thudding, gut-shaking bass line on intro track "On the Internet," you know you're not about to hear another Austin indie-pop or psych-rock group. No, this is music that remembers 80s hardcore and no wave, music that scratches that guttural screaming and crunching guitar itch and which does so while speaking about the modern condition without pretension. There's not a boring spot on this whole EP, and it's been on heavy rotation in the Austin Deli offices since we came across it. That's partly because Super Thief's use of chaos and dissonance and confusion turned into tight, complex songs is refreshing as fuck to hear coming out of Austin, where bands so often focus on the pretty and the peaceful. Sometimes you just want to thrash and wreck shit and work out some fucking frustration about this weird goddamn world, and Super Thief gives the listener the chance to do just that for a bit. Listen to standout track "Needle Fix" below, the rest of the EP here and vote to the right if Super Thief is hitting your shit-wrecking nerve nice and good, like it is ours.


Published: March 09, 2015 |

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