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Les Zombies, Bass and Some More Cute-Ass Pop on "Unravel"

Les Zombies, Bass and Some More Cute-Ass Pop on "Unravel"

Goddamnit kids, there's just somethin' about truly earnest music that hits a chord deep within' yer chesty bits where the soul feels like it lives, and you just can't fake that shit no matter how hard you try. Twee and cutesy pop were like scientifically condensed versions of cute, yeah, but they really never got away from the saccharine nature that comes with something so deliberately boiled down. It might be cute, but it's like callin' one of those whipped cream injected whippersnapper cupcakes at Hey Cupcake! sweet: yeah we all get it, but it's not the kinda complicated and sticking sweetness-based revelations that, say, your mom's apricot cake baked in her small town home's old-ass oven will ever get ya.

All that's a very complex way to explain somethin' pretty damn simple, which is that Les Zombies makes music that is just real goddamn cute and entirely earnest-feelin', and that newest track "Unravel" is without question the most authentically un-heavy and adorable American love song we've heard in a damn long time. It's like a soundtrack for a kind of indie romance film set in the beige-and-green-washed suburbs with a lot of 80s clothes and cars that just doesn't exist anymore, and which would probably feel real put-on if it was made these days. Somehow this band keeps nailing this sound and sentiment in a pitch-perfect way that makes it feel like you can just go live in that kinda smaller, simpler, cuter world for a while. That ain't a bad thing in these angry, immediate days, in my opinion. Listen below, and let's give the past and the idea of love a bit of time to play around in our heads again as a less public, cuter, more personal thing that's still confusing but maybe more for the simple human parts and less for the whole mess of new problems that a social media, contemporary bae-infused narrative life has put onto shit. It's cute music that sounds great y'all, get up on it and let it get you feelin' some good, possibly bygone way.

Published: July 21, 2015 |

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