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The Boleys Do Some Damn Fine Shrieking on New Live Track "Learning"

The Boleys Do Some Damn Fine Shrieking on New Live Track "Learning"

We don't often post live recordings, but this is some live-played raucous ass shit worth hearing y'all. The Boleys submitted to us as psych rock, and some of their other tracks fit that bill a bit closer, but what we're hearing on the particular track we're presenting you today is some fine, fucking hard post-hardcore/post-punk noisy freak out guitar music. It's really a banner season right now for hard music in Austin, with acts like Carl Sagan's Skate Shoes, Popper Burns, Super Thief, Sailor Poon and more making it clear that this isn't just an indiefolk, pretty psych city, and it looks like we've got one more very talented trio to add to that ever-growing, ever-distorted roster with The Boleys.

In standout track “Learning” from their recently released live DaveTV.org recordings thick, thudding bass and snappy post-hardcore snare drive a diabolical pace that is matched and even exceeded in ferocity by lead shrieker Ethan Boley's maniacal questioning self-aware (and self-deprecating) nihilistic vocals that remind me of Slint, if Slint went more with a punk structure. Raw, fierce emotion buzzes and thrashes in “Learning” just as the guitars do, and it all comes together for a very fresh and fiery take on the ole noise music thing, and we fucking love it. Oh, and if this trio weren't interesting enough, they're all from one family (thus the name), which is just cool and weird for a hard-ass band like this. You can check out the vicious punk-punch-packer of a track below, and head over to their SoundCloud for more from this session, which features a pretty diverse range of sounds from the band in question.

Published: March 01, 2016 |

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