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Summer Salt Drops into Their Typically Fun Surfer Groove in "Summer Salt" Video

Summer Salt Drops into Their Typically Fun Surfer Groove in "Summer Salt" Video

Austin's local "Would rather be surfing" band Summer Salt has hit the e-waves this last two weeks with their first video from late 2015's excellent Going Native EP, namely for their eponymous song "Summer Salt." True to form, "Summer Salt," and Summer Salt themselves on said track, are, welp, beachy as fuck, and it's in a really fun way that comes complete with a heavy 50s reverby guitar sound that goes 2000s indie in the noodling.

Summer Salt is one of those acts that leaves little to catch on mentally- no politics or hard emotions or attempts at edginess- which is a delightful thing in their case. Their songs, including the one in this video (and the video itself, for that matter), are just fun, relaxing and full of the feel-goods, and as much as we like hard music, you gotta have some of this as well to balance it out, right? Considering that Summer Salt is just damn good at it, and makes their chilled out sounds with thorough artful craft and imaginative talent, we think the answer to that question is an emphatic yes. Check out the video below, and listen to the rest of the EP here.

Published: June 02, 2016 |

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