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Here Are 9 Countries Hosting Their Own SXSW Party!

Here Are 9 Countries Hosting Their Own SXSW Party!

SXSW is essentially a United Nations conference for artists. Each country sends its best entrepreneurs, film-makers, and musicians to a city in Texas to show their skill-set and hopefully get attention from industry types. While it might be cliche, SXSW has the potential to make dreams come true, and each of these countries listed below brings something unique to the table. Listed below is each country, a link to it's party, and three bands from that country that are worth checking out.


https://cimamusic.ca/events/canadian-blast-events/display,details/1365/sxsw-2018 https://www.evensi.us/breakout-west-sxsw-canada-house-swan-dive/248595950

3 Worthwhile Canadian Bands:

StrVngers – Edmonton; Intense Electro Pop

Le Couleur – Montreal; New Wave Electro Pop

Metz – Toronto; Garage Rock


http://www.thebritishmusicembassy.com/ 3 British Bands:

Bugzy Malone; Manchester; Conversational Grime

Idler – London; Chill Electronic Pop

Draper – London; Electro Dance Pop



3 Scandinavian Bands:

Sassy 009 – Oslo, NOR

Pink Milk – Gothenburg, SWE

Sturle Dagsland – Stavanger, NOR



3 French Bands:

Fishbach – Paris; French Electro Pop

The Blind Suns – Angers; Indie Rock Base

Champagne Superchillin- Paris; French Garage Pop



3 Dutch Bands:

Insterstellar Funk – Amsterdam; Spacey House Music

Canshaker Pi – Amsterdam; Garage Pop/Indie Rock

DAZION – The Hague; Percussive Electronica



3 Spanish Bands:

Bifanna - Vigo; Dreamy Indie Rock

Belako – Mungia; Garage Pop/Rock

Museless – Barcelona; Moody Electro Pop

New Zealand


3 Kiwi Bands:

Noah Slee – Auckland; Electronic R&B

October – Auckland; Grey Tinted Pop

Hex – Wellington; Gothic Shoegaze



3 Italian Bands:

Denis The Night & The Panic Party - Fano; Industrial Math Rock

Fabrizio Cammarata- Palermo; Folk Pop Base

Altre Di B - Bologna; Raw Electro Pop



3 German Bands:

World Brain - Berlin; New Wave Pop

Better Person Berlin; Bedroom Synth Pop

Blackberries – Solingen; Psychedelic Rock


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