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The Deli ATX's Almost-Comprehensive Curation of SXSW 2022 Showcases

 SXSW is upon us.

And for all the "activation events," free drinks, networking opportunities and NFT nonsense filling up space and time in this year's schedule, those of us who know and love and have desperately missed SXSW know what this magical week-and-a-half is really about.

And that's music. Music filling every corner of this funky little city, pouring out of every venue and parking garage and empty street corner and pothole. Music of all flavors and varieties, from all over the world, for every one of us. Music as it was meant to be heard: loud, overwhelming, unstoppable.

If there's anything bad about SXSW — and there really, really isn't — it's that there's just too much music. I know — I can't believe I'm saying those words either. But SXSW is the ultimate conundrum for those of us who want to see it all, who want to be everywhere, who want to hear every single band in excruciating detail. It's simply impossible.

But that's why we're here: to save you some time and trouble, and to make sure that you use every minute wisely. We've done the leg work, so you can put your mind at ease, and let your ears (and legs) pick up the slack.

We have our favorite musicians soon to come, but for now, it's our pleasure to publish a not-quite-comprehensive list of the best music showcases (some official, many not) blessing this town from March 12th-20th. Check out some tunes, pencil in some possibilities, and find us on the dance-floor. We'll be easy to spot: wherever someone is skanking, moshing, popping, locking, dropping a little too hard — that's where we'll be.

Flip through the airtable below, follow some links, RSVP to everything and enjoy the infinite possibilities that await. A little hint — click "View larger version" in the bottom left-hand corner to browse more comfortably. And shoot us a follow at https://www.instagram.com/thedelimag.atx/ to stay up to date on where we are, what we're most excited for, and where the best bands are going next.

Let's get a little weird together.  


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