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The Britanys

The Britanys bring their fun indie rock to Rough Trade 06.16

If you miss the sound of the indie rock of the early-to-mid-2000s, The Britanys might be just what the doctor ordered. Made up of four roommates based in Bushwick, the band uses their apartment as headquarters, and offers a cohesive sound of electric, upbeat and melodic indie rock filled with catchy guitar riffs and light vocals. Their latest release, “When I’m With You” shows a slight evolution in the sound compared with previous releases, more sparse and mature, and rehashes the 20-something’s saga of complicated relationship. Lead singer Lucas Long laments “We break up then we’re back together / We make up now we’re through forever.” As trends go in and out of style, The Britanys have solidified a timeless sound. Don’t miss them at Rough Trade on June 16th. -Lily Crandall


Out In The Streets Festival comes to Ridgewood, Queens on 7/16 and 7/17

Whoever said Queens isn’t cool (hey! it's the new Brooklyn!) surely must not have heard of the Out In The Streets Festival coming to the Onderdonk House in Ridgewood for its fourth year on July 16-17.  Filled with some of our favorite local artists, such as The So So Glos and Frankie Rose, the festival is primarily a rock'n'roll fest. Bands will be playing with a backdrop of art, food and the Ridgewood market.  We’ve prepared a playlist to give a taste of the artists playing this weekend, but be sure to head over to the Out In The Streets festival to hear them for yourself. - Madeleine Grossman

The Britanys release new song "Get My" + play Out in the Streets Festival

With their fuzzy garagey sound and distorted, nasal vocals, The Britanys' songs will throw you back to an older, grittier New York City - a place we've recently begun to miss. Not the seriously dangerous city of the '60s, when the rock'n'roll lifestyle implied wavering between life and death, but a more recent and safe Big Apple, when Alphabet City still felt sketchy, the scene's action was centered around the LES, and Williamsburg was still a rather ugly and cheap neighborhood with potential - those were the late '90s/early aughts, by the way. It’s no surprise, then, to find that the band worked on their most recent material with Gordon Raphael (producer of The Strokes' "Is this it?"). Single "Get My" (streaming) channels this modern garage rock style, a mixture of rock ‘n’ roll and pop that has the "Made in NYC" stamp all over it.  The Britany's will share the stage with Frankie Rose, The So So Glos, and more at Out in the Streets Festival (June 16-17 at the Vander Ende-Onderdonk House in Queens) and are working on releasing a new EP in October.  - Madeleine Grossman


The Britanys unveil new single "Basketholder" + play Baby's All Right on 04.20

Two guitar electric rock with underground panache is always welcome in NYC. Bushwick-based rockers The Britanys present a quirky mix of those attributes via current single “Basketholder" (streaming). By securing producer Gordon Raphael for this track, the band was obviously looking for a similar sonic clarity found in his work with The Strokes nearly 16 years ago. Defined riffs morph from tandem structured second guitar chord progressions to chugging counter polyrhythms. Vocals are delivered in feel that appear to echo Lou Reed’s street lingo sensibility with Julian Casablancas’ early sonic effects. While lyrics lack cohesive storytelling and are seemingly unrelated ideas strung together, perhaps that’s the intended point. “Well I’ll be your basketholder – if you’ll be my girl” speaks to something more universally relatable than a simple literal statement. Incorporated within the three minute length are a number of catchy hooks that establish urgency through staccato drum patterns and double-time emphasis. The lyric “but I can’t take it much longer, this running around the city all day” leads up to the tracks ultimate structural peak, where music and words come together with emotional force. The band play a headline show at Baby’s All Right on April 20. - Dave Cromwell


The Mystery Lights and The Britanys play Berling on 02.26

“Thee in thy panoply” is how Walt Whitman addressed a bi-coastal 19th century freight train, though his words easily apply to NYC's Mystery Lights as well. Their garage-psych panoply is pure Sixties, albeit a variegated Sixties, which makes sense given their origins in California. The band recently won the Psych category of our Best of NYC 2015 Readers' Poll. They will be playing LES' new rocking basement Berlin on Friday February 26 with The Britanys - also a garage sounding, Deli award winning NYC band! - Brian Chidester


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