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Crooked Bangs

Crooked Bangs Tease New Album, II, with Riotous Single "Rabbit Hole"

 A dark gothic atmosphere serves as the backdrop for the new single "Rabbit Hole" from Austin angst-punkers, Crooked Bangs. The immediate differentiator for Crooked Bangs amidst the sea of punk bands, is that lead singer, Leda Ginestra, oscillates between laissez-faire French murmurings and incisive English punctuations. The bilingual vocal stylings evoke francophile nostalgia for bands like Metal Urbain and Plastic Bertrand, but Crooked Bangs brings a contemporary laser-like focus that eviscerates their predecessors in favor of their own unique sound. The trio's second full-length, II, is out April 21st on Nervous Intent Records with much touring to follow. While pop, new wave, hardcore have strands of DNA within II, the wide umbrella of punk envelopes Crooked Bangs for the most part. Though this album seems a bit more polished and fine-tuned than the band's debut, the band doesn't sacrifice its acerbic angst or visceral primality in the process.  "Rabbit Hole" teeters on a steady backbeat as guitars whirr like a diesel-fueled chainsaw, and Ginestra's vocals swirl above the melee with an almost aloof objectivity as the vortex dips in and out of the chorus. Crooked Bangs have the deadly triumvirate of technical precision, vocal uniqueness, and a wanton ethos of unpacifiable rage which will make, II, a highlight of this crop of Spring album releases.


-Lee Ackerley



Good Vibrations Music Fest

The tagline for Burger City Rock N Roll's Good Vibrations Fest says it all…"4 Days of peace, love and punk." Kicking off today and continuing through Dec. 7, the mini fest will take place over three venues, Hotel Vegas, Gypsy Lounge and The Grand. Local Austin acts like Ghetto Ghouls and Nameless Frames are part of the twenty plus lineup. Visiting bands will take part as well and y'all know it will be one hundred percent punk rock. Get more info about tix and set times here. Good vibes = good times. 

Weekend Highlights:

Friday Dec. 5

Hotel Vegas: Bad Sports 

Gypsy Lounge: Annabelle Chairlegs 

Sat Dec. 6

Hotel Vegas: Spray Paint

Gyspsy Lounge - Crooked Bangs 

Sun Dec.7

The Grand: Beth Israel



Crooked Bangs

A classic sounding punk band has risen from the 21st century, and they are know as Crooked Bangs. The trio's sound is ripe with heavy bass and catchy surf-goth riffs you could hear in a Quentin Tarantino film. The rhythm of the fast-paced band originates from drummer, Phil Gonzalez’s hi-hat clashes and kick drum punches as guitarist, Samantha Wendel follows along. The cherry on top is vocalist, Leda Celeste Ginestra’s pitch mirroring Glen Danzig’s deep, melodies – with French lyrics.  Crooked Bangs will be playing with another female-fronted band, Screaming Females, at Red 7 on October 23.-Halie Davis


Brains- Crooked Bangs- Single Review

Brains is the first track on Crooked Bangs’ Bandcamp, and is one of only two songs which can be played. The rest of the album remains a mystery. To find the rest of Crooked Bangs’ material I had to equip my Indiana Jones whip and hat and enter the jungle of low quality YouTube. But the choice of their flagship track could not have been better.

Brains’ head banging energy never falters. Guitarist Samantha’s (last name unknown; the mystery thickens) tone is fantastic. It smeaks, in a good way, of Sleater Kinney guitarist Carrie Brownstein, as she plays with the song’s deceptively straightforward, not to mention sexy, 1960s beat by hitting delicious off rhythms. Simultaneously, Leda Ginestra’s vocals sound like Corin Tucker beat up Danzig and then made out with Brian Ferry. Her voice effortlessly moves from a growl to chill inducing. - Taylor Browne

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