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I Am The Albatross

I Am the Albatross' Playlist Worthy Album "Lonsesome Son"

Sometimes menacing, at other instances oddly profound, the always loud outlaw rock and rollers, I Am the Albatross’, new album ‘Lonesome Son’ is nasty guitar-lick laden rock played with focused reckless abandon. This latest offering basically grabs you by the throat then pours a welcome shot of bold Americana rock down it. The Austin quartet’s music is essentially Nick Caves and The Bad Seeds bulked up on PED’s with added injections of punk and psychedelic growth hormone for good measure. If Leonard Cohen was a hipster millennial, this would be the soundtrack he played during an epic cross-country getaway to the hinterland of Canada after a bank robbery. Any album that leaves you wanting more is always a winner in my book which is the case with this playlist worthy album.

You can catch I Am the Albatross performing their brand of feral folk rock at the Javelina Bar in Austin on Aug. 20 — bad ass leather duster coats welcomed but not mandatory.


Tavon Perkins


Recommended Show: I Am The Albatross At Empire Control Room

I Am The Albatross' most recent and self-titled album is quite a successful interpretation of gypsey/blues rock; a sound that describes the south well, paying homage with a tasteful reimagination.  The songs all contain a surly and hung-over haze, personified perfectly in "Strugglin": "Well, it's whiskey in the morning/Gin and tonic at noon/Pulling down the blinds in a motel room."  for a preview of what could only be a vivacious performance hit up the Empire Control Room & Garage tomorrow.  Stream the album below. -Rebecca Blandon



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