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Junk Boys

Junk Boys Play Baby's All Right 8/29

Junk Boys are not being modest in their name, they're being honest. The NYC-based garage rock group is a no-frills act. With rough and relentless guitars, vocals that reek of cigarette-smoke, and a (dangerously) LA sound, they bring you the best of rock music. Junk Boys' breakout LP tracks from 2016 like "Arizona Nights" and "Cheap" are ruckus and repetitive--pulling out no new tricks, but daring you to play it loud. One man's trash is another man's treasure, so be sure to catch these garage gems playing Baby's All Right on August 29th. -Allie Miller


Junk Boys celebrate release of self titled debut at Baby's All Right on 12.16

Rock'n'Roll, folks... will it ever get old? Not if keeps churning out bands with the attitude and chutzpah of Brooklyn's Junk Boys, a garage'n'roll quartet that will be celebrating the release of their debut, self titled LP at Baby's All Right on 12.16. Channeling at once rockabilly riffage and the fuzz-worthy sound of garage all New Yorkers should be able to appreciate, this is a band that can write and deliver punchy ol' rock tunes without sounding passe' and, at least on record, knows how to pull off the genre's antics. If they can replicate this live (we bet they can), fun should be had in great amounts - you can experience this on your skin on December 16 at Baby's All Right. Check out our favorite song "Sad But True," streaming below.


Junk Boys bring Satanic blues back to The Gutter on May 14

Is blues the music of the Devil? The minor third note interval that's the basic ingredient of anything bluesy is famous for conveying a sad feeling, not evil, but - at least according to Wikipedia - "the word [blues] may have come from the term blue devils," and "depending on the religious community a musician belonged to, it was more or less considered as a sin to play this low-down music." W guess that simple fact made the genre very attractive to young rebels... who ended up moving to the more liberal US coasts...
Brooklyn's Junk Boys, an obscure band we stumbled upon almost randomly, seems to accept and even promote this notion. Their debut single "Call On Me" (streaming) features a devilish cover art, and an apocaliptic sound at least in part reminiscent of a hammondless and heavier version of The Doors, another band that enjoyed blue references to Beelzebub. You can participate in their pagan live ritual at the Gutter on May 14.

P.S. We found some more info about Junk Boys on The Men's website: "ex-members of Organs, Russ from Dream Police."


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