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Pollen Would Like to Talk to You about Products

We showed you a bit about Austin art garage group Pollen back in June 2014, and Pollen is back early this year with a new release, mostly about products and how we in the world deal with them. It's raw as fuck music, both in terms of its no frills, no bullshit approach and for its true garage band sound, and single "Supply Chain" is one that'll get pounding around in your head for a while. It's a little bit old NYC dancepunk with a bit of D.C.'s The Evens, plus some Austin awareness and DIY that work pretty well together, with that "Coca cola, co-coca cola," "Motorola, Mo-motorola" hook just refusing to leave the brain once it gets in there. See what we mean below, and keep these guys on your radar if you like your music to say something about society while also givin' you a beat to move your feet to.


:: Pollen :: This Is Not A Test ::

Come tomorrow night, Pollen, the  trio of Andy Palmer, Maud Morgan and Ben Hirsch will be releasing their first EP of their brand of politically charged art punk. Youthful and full of urgency, the four song, self-titled EP draws heavily on the influence of proto-punk avant-gardists like The Feelies as much the next generation of indie vanguardists a la Yo La Tengo.  In that tradition, Pollen achieves an impressive blend of humor, rhythm and brevity, pop sensibility and dissonance.   Following the reemerging trend of cassette releases, the new EP will be available on tape tomorrow night at 1401 Astor Place.  Pollen will share the bill with last month's Artist of the Month poll winner Those Howlings.   


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