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Salesman release debut LP Escalante

April 17, 2014 was declared “Salesman Day” in Austin, TX. No, not an ode to the hard working salesmen and women of ATX but a spring day dedicated to local band Salesman. The band has been together for over six years but just this week they have given us their debut LP Escalante. Opening track, “7x7” brings a My Morning Jacket root-rock influence but Devin James Fry’s falsetto voice is more Jeff Buckley than Jim James. That allows for a more vulnerable tone to Saleman’s sound. It’s not something you can just put on and walk away from. You’ll want to space out and just listen, maybe that’s why their liner notes suggest playing the album under the night light of a meteor shower.Buy the digital or cd/vinyl version now on their Bandcamp page. -Allison Mayoral



Salesman's New Single, Horn, Solo Show @ The Owl 5/11/13

In just over three minutes, Salesman’s new single, "Horn", manages to shake your equilibrium. The song begins with Devin James Fry’s plaintive warning: “There is a horn blowing here in my heart.” Accompanied by a downright creepy bass line and drums that are as sparse and hollow as the rattling of bones, "Horn" achieves an almost mythic quality. Halfway through, the bass slinks to the background and the snare cuts through a wash of blissed-out guitar. We’re on a journey here, and when the song finally ends with a spacey sing-along, we can only faintly remember where we began.

As with previous Salesman releases, the real star is Devin James Fry’s haunting delivery. Percussion once again plays a prominent role, but the addition of Grant Himmler on the bass is the real revelation. He gives the song a perfect counterpoint to the stunning vocals and fills in the spaces left by the fluttering percussion. Don’t miss out on this single. You can get it by naming your own price here. To see Devin in all his glory, come to The Owl on 5/11/13 for the record release of Songs From Lincoln by Molybden also featuring David Longoria from the Black and Dustin Eastes. -- Written by Josh Denslow



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