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Sea Dramas

Sea Dramas' Upcoming Until the Dark Goes Out

Sea Dramas' new album, Until the Dark Goes Out, is sixties-inspired hazy folk and feels like the Magnetic Fields, sixties British rock and a tiny wisp of the beach. Killer warm guitar, happy melodies and pleasing vocals. We want to say this is the “perfect album for summer” but we’ll be digging on this long after the heat is gone. Enjoy their new video for single “22 Renewal,” which features lots of sixties hipsters checking each other out and looking generally aware of themselves in a very mesmerizing-to-watch way. Stay tuned for upcoming shows. - Michelle Kicherer, Associate Editor


Festival Debut: Gathering of The Tribes at Public Works in San Francisco - 9/13

Editor's Note: Jonathan Cárdenas of Pow Magazine and San Francisco Great Society put a lot of time into curating this exclusive peek at the upcoming festival, Gathering of the Tribes. This fest celebrates and works to promote and preserve the spirit of psych music in San Francisco. Founder, Dennis Gonzales is very passionate about his work and his efforts to support psych musicians from all over the US. The Bay Area is lucky to have him and the community of amazing promoters and musicians who help keep the spirit and tradition of supportive, familial music and arts communities alive and well. -je

The Gathering Of The Tribes is a festival centralized exclusively in itself and its own breed of musicians and artists. San Francisco has had other festivals in past years, but this one aims to showcase the Bay Area’s breed of psychedelia and its sub-genres, as well as celebrate its musical and artistic ancestry. The name is borrowed, or you could even say revitalized—resurrected—from the Human Be-In that took place in Golden Gate Park, January 14, 1967. This is when Haight-Ashbury became symbolically immortalized as a counter-culture mecca. Our festival celebrates San Francisco’s past and present, and aims to push forward its music and arts in a positive and progressive direction, preserving it for the good of the Bay Area and to keep things groovy.

“We are the San Francisco Preservation Society—God save the Acid Tests, Beatniks and notoriety.”

Hopefully you got that reference. But no, we’re the San Francisco Great Society. 

Founder, Dennis Gonzales: I've been running Pow Magazine since 1986 and being entrenched in the music community for several years as a social media journalist, I can tell you SF music is not only alive, it is about to explode into a new movement unlike anything seen since the first music scene in 1965. Everything about our Society and our festival is a familial, grass roots effort.  Amoeba is sponsoring the event—they too have promoted it on their Facebook page as well as Twitter. Pow Magazine, Counter Culture Artist Management, and Innerlight Presents are altogether presenting this festival. We have reached out to the best of the Bay, and most have said “yes.”

Clay Andrews of The Spiral Electric and Innerlight Presents: If the festival is comprised of bands that are all touring and far away, and everybody has all their records—that’s great and all; you have to bring people to the event, but at the same time it’s like—don’t just throw a fest where you just bring an import of things because that’s not really doing anything for the local scene. It’s not exposing people to what’s actually happening right now in their backyards.

Derek See SF DJ, musician and music collector: One thing I’m especially excited about is hearing and meeting bands that I don’t know even though they're local. Because of what i do for a living, i have to get up real early in the morning on weekends—I do go out and see live music when I can, but never as much as I’d like to, whereas at this festival I’m just super stoked to be able to experience and hang out with like-minded folks.

Performing at SFGS: Gathering of The Tribes
at Public Works in San Francisco on September 13th

The Gentle Cycle
The Spiral Electric
LSD and the Search for God
Down and Outlaws
Cellar Doors
Down Dirty Shake
The Love Dimension
Mark Nelsen
Sea Dramas
California Raga Association
Lee Gallagher and the Hallelujah
The Green Door
Carlton Melton
Mystery Flavors
The She’s
Electric Shepherd
Zodiac Death Valley

Visuals by:

White Light Prism - vimeo.com/user6728976
Mad Alchemy - www.madalchemy.net
Andy Puls - www.videopaws.com


Abel Oleson
Derek See
Michael Tarin

The Deli SF Benefit Show with Spider Heart Void Boys Sea Dramas and Vollmer is TONIGHT at the Elbo Room

Spider HeartVoid Boys, Sea Dramas along with the brand new San Francisco based musical outfit, Vollmer will be celebrating the growth and community involvement of The Deli SF! SF based community and intercultural advocate Jason Wyman will also grace us with a reading celebrating the Bay Area and our amazing music community.

We have a little folk rock, some dream pop, experimental garage and heavy psych waiting for you at the Elbo Room TONIGHT. Be there by 9 pm!


Congratulations to the Winners of the Deli Magazine San Francisco Open Submission Poll

French Cassettes:

2013 was a good year for French Cassettes. Not only did they win over Deli readers for the Artist of the Month Poll earlier this year with their exhuberant style of indie-pop, but they also managed to release a full length album called, Gold Youth, produced a music video for their song “Boys” and held down the stage alongside Black Cobra Vipers for a November residency at San Francisco dive bar Amnesia. They have gained a toehold in the burgeoning San Francisco music scene, delivering their brand of sunshine-pop to the masses. If you haven't seen them live, be sure to catch them at Brick and Mortar Music Hall February 3 with Waters and Social Studies. - Erin Dage


Sea Dramas

What do you get when you mix ‘60s surf rock, pop and folk? You get Sea Dramas, a local quintet that wowed readers voting for the Artist of the Month Poll last year. Featuring dreamy harmonies from vocalists Scott Pettersen, Marlaina Rae and gentle folk instrumentals, the band has their sound down to a science. This is shown in the bands debut album Soft Wake, released in early 2013. With tracks such as “Summer Dies” and “This is What We Know”, it’s no wonder they won the much-esteemed artist of the month poll. Be sure to see them perform at the Converse Store in San Francisco January 23rd. - Erin Dage


Art Elliot

If one thing’s for sure, it’s that Oakland singer-songwriter, Art Elliot has the post-apocalyptic pop market covered. Confronting the public with piano-based alternative pop, Elliot won himself honors for the Deli’s Artist of the Month Poll in 2013. This singer, songwriter and survivor has been making music for years, and released an EP entitled Goodbye last year. With a voice, unique and all his own, he amazed audiences with stand-out tracks such as “If My Home Remains” and “Postcard”. Keep an eye out for future shows with this artist! We know we will. - Erin Dage


Major Powers & The Lo-Fi Symphony

Self-proclaimed “adventure rock” band Major Powers & The Lo-Fi Symphony, is a trio of exceptionally talented weirdos with a flair for the theatrical. Combining epic rock guitar riffs with bouncy piano driven sections and flawless three part harmonies, the group showcases a technical virtuosity that is matched only by their twisted sense of humor. After listening to songs like “93,000,000 Miles” and “Were All Gonna Die!”, the band might be best described as a demented version of Queen. Since releasing their first full-length album, We Became Monsters in 2012, the group has gained a reputation as one of the most exciting new acts in the Bay Area. We’re excited to add them to this year’s list! - Ethan Varian


Devin Farney

Composer and pianist Devin Farney won a spot on this year’s list by creating a wide range of music that is truly distinctive. Borrowing elements from electronic, indie-rock, jazz and neo-classical music, Farney’s compositions takes the listener on a sonic journey that is both unexpected and completely enthralling. Whether it is a sprawling orchestral piece, ambient meditation or introspective indie-folk song, Farney’s music is far-reaching while retaining its own unique continuity. In addition to his compositions, you can check out Farney performing with a number of local indie bands including The Love Dimension and with local comedy-improv groups Big City Improv and The Secret Improve Society. - Ethan Varian


Agony Aunts

Psych-pop charlatans, Agony Aunts find their way onto our list thanks to an undying devotion to all things psychedelic. The Bay Area supergroup, made up of members of a number of local bands including The Corner Laughers and The Orange Peels, boasts a catalogue of well-crafted pop songs backed by lush, kaleidoscopic arrangements. Drawing on influences ranging from Big Star to Syd Barrett to Jesus Christ Superstar, Agony Aunt’s music is decidedly retro without getting stuck in the 60’s. Fresh from the release of last year’s Big Cinnamon, the group has quickly established itself as one of SF’s most accomplished pysch groups and is poised to make a big impact on the local scene in 2014. - Ethan Varian


Owl Paws:

Sometimes the flowers must die to make way for a new beauty to emerge. Since 2011, Owl Paws (aka Derek Schultz) has been releasing captivating folk records. Originally, the name Schultz recorded solo material under, Owl Paws has since expanded into a quartet including two guitars, percussion and upright bass. Owl Paws is full of haunting but not daunting folk whimsy. They have a certain style of mellow melody that gently carries you through their tender tales of trial and pursuit. It’s as though they are asking us to trim back the branch and brush of humanity to let in more natural light for us to breath and be inspired by their benevolent spell. Owl Paws is to headline Bottom of the Hill with James Riot and Cave Clove on January 25th. - Hunter Stroope


Chris Klippel:

With an impassioned voice reminiscent of Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s Ruban Nielson, Chris Klippel leads his one man band victoriously. No instrument is off limits within his compositions, as he makes intelligent sonic designs with the guitar, clarinet, violin, up-right bass, the human voice and even trombone. Klippel tickles notes of gypsy and dixie jazz, but his songs can range from rock n roll to R&B, baroque music and '50s soul. With cheeky album titles such as ”So Sioux Me” and “Blacktivism,” we can tell he’s clearly having a good time. Chris Klippel is keeping our city funky and colorful, a bright contrast beneath the machine grey cloud of the tech-age. if you haven’t noticed, he’s hard to classify, so just catch him on BFF.fm (Best Frequencies Forever) on January 31st and feb 1st. -Hunter Stroope


Fritz Montana:

Fritz Montana, a three-piece, blue colored, rock n' roll ensamble is fronted by the vehement voice of David Marshall. He's vocally akin to The Black Key's Dan Aurbach. He sings of classic themes, denoted in such titles as "She Just Don't Know" and "A Girl Like You," all while standing in the foreground of amplifier's with volume knobs hovering near ol’ number 11. A deep grooving bass is provided by Kevin Logan, who often references the golden years of Motown, whilst drummer Matthew Hagarty, keeps everything in-time with a flawless rhythm. They own a sound that fits in with the club scene but has successfully filled an arena as Fritz Montana keeps rock n roll's backbone strong here in the Bay Area. Currently, they’re hard at work on a new EP at The Panda Studios. -Hunter Stroope


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