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Texas Microphone Massacre

Summer Slang II, 7/20/13 @ Empire Control Room

Time to gear up for Summer Slang II. It was so good last time that a sequel was in order. This year's soiree will be hosted in style by Heard Entertainment at the Empire Control Room & Garage (across the street from Holy Mountain). On the inside, we'll get Cabrini Green, Jeffi DeLuxe & MoxieContin, Texas Microphone Massacre, Young Pharaohs, and FLAVOR RAID.

Outside is for DJs, and they are going to have the best there is in Austin: DJ Miguel Sanchez, DJ Scorpio (the brains behind Nite School and Blacklist), and DJ Nathan Green. But naturally you want more, so they'll be throwing in "...an immersive 8-projector visual experience and sound system that embraces your body...". And who doesn't like their body to be embraced? --Written by Scott Osborn

Volunteer Round Up

Everybody needs a helping hand every once in a while. Pay it forward, whydontcha:

Sorne is Kickstarting his next LP, with all sorts of prizes up for donated grabs. Check it out here.

Texas Microphone Massacre has, appropriately enough, a slate of zombie films to do. Which means they need zombies just like everybody else. Send an email here to sign up for some brain-eating fun. Who's with me?!?

The good folks at WXWC are gearing up for their big 2 days (2/22/13 and 2/23/13), but are still shy a few hands. You should definitely jump in, meet some cool peeps, and get into some killer shows. Fire off an email thisaway.

On the fateful night of 2/1/13, Stumbledrunk was victimized by shameless thieves, who made away with a goodly chunk of their music-making gear. Nobody likes getting ripped off, so now we're throwing a benefit to help those punkers get back to doing what they do best. Show up at Shine Studios on 2/22/13, give to the cause, and enjoy a great show.

Merry Christmas!

Certain that, like us, you're deeply engrained in the bacchanalian traditions of the Christmas holidays, we thought it high time for a little juxtaposition, hence, Texas Microphone Massacre.  Though nothing quite says "Merry Christmas!" like a trio of masked, psychopathic-looking individuals with the word "Massacre" floating around in there, the music these guys generate is nothing short of mind-blowingly great, if in an occasionally-morbid way.  That, and their first release, "Fantasy Rolodex", composed and performed under the watchful eyes of Grammy-award-winning producer Tim Gerron, is still a freebie.  Get it yonder ways.  

Merry Christmas.


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