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Salt Cathedral's "Rudeboy" is an undeniable earworm

The latest single from Salt Cathedral proves that the dancehall inspired pop that has taken root in the mainstream hasn’t scared away any alt-pop artists from dipping their toes in this distinct style of music. “Rudeboy” features mercurial production, shifting from Caribbean percussion to a chopped up vocal sample that acts as a synth on the hook. The soft, pulsating beat is a backdrop for a song about breaking through unsureness and finding something truly real in a relationship. –Tucker Pennington

Ze'ev "GTP"

Ze’ev has released the first single, “Black Physical Therapy" from their forthcoming album “GTP” which will be released on August 24th. The track features contributions from Mykele Deville, who signed to No Trend Records this week, and Eric Novak on Sax.

Ze’ev is the experimental trio of Cedric Casimier, Shelton Flagg, and Zack Caputo. “GTP” is the follow-up to their 2016 debut album “Kismet”.


Debut Eel Tank Album Available for Streaming & Purchase

Sometimes music sounds like taking psychedelics in a black-light, laser-tag arena. Or that Kia Soul commercial with the cruising chipmunks, except way more off the rails. Eel Tank is the moniker of Philly's own Nicki Duval, who works as one of the creative engines behind the beloved music booking collective All Mutable. An abrupt and powerful synthesis of power electronics with elements of thrash, industrial, and jungle are prevalent throughout Eel Tank’s debut album, Cure. Crunchy vocals slip out between the cracks of the kaleidoscopic rhythm; all contained within shifting planes of neon textures. Cure is now available on cassette via experimental electronic label Embalming Lately. - Josh Kelly

Saint Nomad releases new single "River" from upcoming LP

 Saint Nomad may be Nashville-based, but, by-and-large, the band is international. Nikita, Ruslan, and Yan Odnoralov were born in Russia but raised in the US, which perhaps helps to explain the incredibly unique and complex set of electronic textures incorporated in the new singles from their upcoming LP Memento Mori. There is a rigidity in rhythm and tempo, but a playfulness in arrangement and vocals. "River" is pop, yet somehow not quite. There is a chorus hook to sing along to, yet I almost felt like a spectator throughout the song, watching three great musicians do their thing, thought without being invited in to participate. This listening experience was much different than with most bands, and to be quite honest, I loved it. Saint Nomad could play may me anything, and I'd be glad to just sit back and take it in. -Geena Kloeppel



Forest Management

Forest Management is the moniker of ambient drone musician John Daniels, and 21st Century Man is the name of his new album. He spent nearly four years on this project and will be releasing it in to the world on August 17th via Terrible Cloud Records. The album’s first single is called “Flying Through The Night” and can be streamed below along with “Mother”, the album’s closer.



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