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Hip Hop

Amir Tripp “Hardball “ Video

Amir Tripp released his latest album Pyro back in March, and it featured contributions from King Louie, Saba, and Trapo. One of the coolest aspects of this project is all of the original artwork by Makhai Foy, which has been complied into a a comic book.

Recently Tripp released a great video for the single “Hardball”.


Curling release LP 'Definitely Band' & embark on summer tour

The sophomore LP by Berkeley band Curling, entitled Definitely Band, is a feel-good frenzy of jangly shoegaze rock. This release — a mix of Beatlesque melodies that blow up and pop like bubble gum and fervently executed guitar riffs that make your heart jitter — is entirely their own. The second track on the album, “Flutter” (streaming below), genuinely brings about a thrilling frission, even on your tenth or eleventh spin of the track. Curling have outdone themselves this time. They will be playing at The Down & Out in L.A. on August 16, and then kicking off a summer tour the following day. - Lilly Milman

The O'My's "Pudding" w/ Saba

The O’My’s have announced the release date of their new album, Tomorrow, and it will be dropping September 7th via Haight Brand. The duo of Maceo Vidal-Haymes on vocals and guitar and Nick Hennessy on keys also released a new single from the project called “Puddle” which features Saba.


Rapper GOOGIE elevates the math with new Floating Polygons album

Googie hails from a long line of rappers with legendary voices: Method Man, GURU, Ludacris, Gift of Gab, etc. Dudes with voices like this--cut with that perfect amount of gravel but with effortless enunciation, and some glint of unfathomable swag--they never needed to say anything of substance for us to clamor after their music. Funnily enough, they still usually end up saying more than many of their less-blessed peers. Googie flexes styles, rhyme patterns, and topical ruminations like he’s teaching a master class. In the video for the first single “Molecules,” Googie breaks down some science for all the simpletons still squabbling over whether J. Cole or Drake dropped the hottest fire last year. -brokeMC

googie :: molecules from gmmcks on Vimeo.


House of Whales “Colors"

House of Whales is back after a hiatus since the release of their 2014 self-titled LP. Back in June they released a new single, “Colors”, featuring fantastic contributions from ShowYouSuck (of Air Credits) and Horn Bread (Sam Trump and David Ben-Porat of Sidewalk Chalk).

House of Whales is a trio, fronted by Rico Sisney of Sidewalk Chalk, that blends rock, funk, and hip hop.


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