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Onionface - Dirty Prog/Grunge Rock, Sneaky Dee's 11.17

Onionface is a rock n’ rollin trio from the Nation’s Capital. To me they’re like a grunge band with progressive influences and some fuzz cranked all the way up. Their bass player Calvin McCormick has a custom amp and pedal company (McCormick Analog) which must be a nice bonus to always have new top notch gear to try out. Their most recent record came out last year titled “Roll Over, Dog…And Run!” The opening track "Goodbye, Take Care" fires it up nicely with some influences from The Meat Puppets and The smalls. Onionface are regulars in the Toronto scene and can be witnessed live at Sneaky Dee’s on November 17th with Dirty Rick and Blackened Blues. – Kris Gies


New Telyscopes EP Available for Streaming & Purchase

Close Types, the new EP from Telyscopes, recently entered our orbit. Turn on to the refreshing, melodic, psych-pop drift. Those jangly, free-floating, futuristic vibes still retain a humanistic perspective that keeps one connected. You'll also be treated to a cover of Smashing Pumpkins' beloved "Drown," which originally appeared on the Singles soundtrack.

Rodes Rollins plays up her spaghetti western influences on "Mystery Man"

There aren't too many country singers that wax-poetic about the larger than life figures of our world. It seems like the cultural focus of the genre has shifted toward different stories with different motifs. Yet artists like Rodes Rollins are trying to change that with songs like "Mystery Man." Appearing like a country-pop mirage on the horizon, Rollins' vocals are watery and obscure, detailing a man in a "forsaken land" that cannot be shot dead. The track is less about a character's arc and more about this legendary figure's reputation, and it plays out over haunting instrumentals that border on psychedelic with twangy guitars that become surprisingly soothing. With its soft sonic palette, "Mystery Man" could fool listeners into thinking it's a lullaby, but there's a sense of unease and tension in the air, like a standoff between two gunslingers is imminent. - Tucker Pennington

Debut Juice EP Available for Streaming & Download

The post-punk quartet of Juice (which features members of Ursula, Dark Web, and Louie Louie), are freshly releasing its debut EP, 100%, via Get Better Records. With vocals beamed in a calm, clairvoyant manner, juxtaposing the immediate grit of the instrumental backdrop, there’s a welcomed unpolished, combative push that takes on a psych edge. It’s both jarring and catchy, fuzzy and fun. So allow your freak flag to fly freely!

New Track: "Living Statues (Setting sun)" - Luminous Fins

The trio of Luminous Fins recently shared a new single, “Living Statues (Setting sun)”. Beginning with a rhythmic-rumbling march and tunneling vocals, the song naturally propels with a somewhat ominous undertone. Rolling forward under the shade of darkness, a suspense-laced heavy comes to the surface as the instruments are explosively unleashed. Navigating through murky waters, the track latches onto an unrelenting psych-surf sound.


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