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los angeles

The Tracks release passionate debut single "Go Out Tonight"

The Tracks' first single, “Go Out Tonight”, is the reason why indie rock is making a comeback. At first listen you might mistake the East LA quartet for an English rock band because they’re so effortlessly cool. Guitarist-vocalist Venancio Bermudez sings fearlessly and with passion, roaring over guitar riffs and drums. Even with only one single under their belt, there’s a certain sense of urgency and self-awareness that makes them important to today’s indie rock scene. They’ve just released a video for their first song and plan on releasing  the record soon. The Tracks have a bunch of gigs lined up this summer, so be on the lookout. - Lea Phillips 


The Deli LA Premieres: Vákoum unveils ethereal new track “Breathing Through A Straw"

Traces of haunting synths, dreamy vocals, and an overall cosmic build, wrap up the electronic slow jam “Breathing Through A Straw” from San Diego via New York City duo Vákoum. Comprised of multi-instrumentalists Natalia Padilla and Kelli Rudick, the stargaze artists continue their sensory projection through loops and sonic deconstruction with their latest single. Setting the scene with a hypnotic introduction, Vákoum’s persistent long build creates a lightweight and abstract quality to the track’s tone. As the spacy sounds begin to unravel, a fuller electronic pulse is heard, providing a stable platform for a flow of vocals. Naturally teaming from Padilla and Rudick’s fusion of analog and digital qualities, “Breathing Through A Straw” becomes the duo’s most refined track yet.

Vákoum is set to release their debut album, Home to Home, on February 15th. Catch them on February 7th at The Hideout in San Diego. - Janette Ayub



Water Slice play The Hi Hat on 2/1

With so many tremendous changes occurring in our country this past month, it’s nice to step back and appreciate the little things that make us happy. And this month, I’m pleased to say that Water Slice has been that ray of sunshine we’ve been looking for. Their newest single, “Our Hearts Don’t”, tells a story of true love, with artistic and righteous guitar strums soaking up the 70’s vibe. Emotional lyrics paint a nostalgic picture for those ever involved in heartbreak and what it means to lose yourself in order to find it again.

Keep an eye out for Water Slice, performing along side AAN at The Hi Hat on February 1st. - Kayla Hay



Turquoise Noise reignite modern hard rock with "Tabula Rosa", play The Hi Hat on 1/30

If commercial radio rock programmers actually did their research then bands like Turquoise Noise would be playing on heavy rotation. Sure, the quintet's imaginative guitar rock has a slightly off-center seam, sometimes verging into psychedelic territory, but its nifty, hook-driven quality would appeal to audiences who like their rock laced with pop licks and an alternative vibe. Their most recent single, "Tabula Rosa", is carried with a confident swagger that's both loud and proud.

Turquoise Noise are playing songs from their most recent debut full-length, as well as some new material, at The Hi Hat this coming Monday, January 30th. - Juan Rodríguez


Daise to play The Resident on 1/23

Indie rock band Daise craft intricate and faintly dreamy songs, countered with sunny harmonies and ringing percussion that are constantly in motion. The San Bernardino quartet sure know their way around a pop melody, and they put it to full effect on their recently released EP, Bewilder, which plays with the more amiable side of post-punk, with their noodling guitars and breezy rhythmic tones, and mixes it with some pan-ethnic flourishes. Fans of genre-bending groups like Yeasayer and Local Natives will find much to enjoy, as their catchy and thoughtful songwriting is as immediate as it is considered.

Daise will showcase their tuneful songs at The Resident on January 23th. - Juan Rodríguez


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