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los angeles

Stream: Lo Moon "Loveless"

Lo Moon perform with a mercurial elegance that's both graceful and intense. The LA trio's introduction is certainly daring for a band who's just about getting their start: the seven-minute "Loveless" is a sweeping, atmospheric piece that unfurls with a patience that draws out its emotional impact to a very high degree. Even if we're not entirely sure as to what direction they'll ultimately take (aside from the fact that their facebook page references eighties soft rock acts like Prefab Sprout and The Blue Nile as influences), the band has already caught the attention of some big names to follow their every step: not only do they have the support of major-label behemoth Columbia Records, but they've also enlisted record producer Chris Walla - who's known for his affecting and poignant approach to songwriting - to work on their upcoming debut effort.

See the hype for yourself when they make a stop at the Bootleg on November 29.


Elle Belle unveils new single "Knock on the Light"

Art pop singer-songwriter Elle Belle has just released the third single off of his upcoming debut album Wako Gumbo, "Knock on the Light", a lighthearted and funky romp that showcases his flair for keeping things just a little bit weird without losing sight of what makes true pop songcraft. Sporting a phased-out guitar tone that's too nifty to ignore, Belle belts out a clean vocal style with a soulful bent whilst wholly embracing a synth-driven sound that highlights his natural performance ability.

Wako Gumbo is due out on November 11 via Little Record Company. And if you like what you hear, you can catch him play at Resident on October 29th. 


Modern Crush releases blistering new single "Not Your Enemy"

"Not Your Enemy", the new single by Modern Crush, immediately captures you and doesn't let go. The art rock trio's blistering new single is pointedly ungarnished, particularly in how it embraces a scuzzy, primal form of rock n' roll that holds no apologies. There's also some playfulness in Joseph White's howling vocals, an unpredictable driving force who's complemented by a taut rhythm section that raises the amps and propels out.

You can see Modern Crush live at El Cid on November 5. And check out "Not Your Enemy" on their official website



coyóte releases frantic new single "a lil bit"

Coyóte make a consirable commotion on their latest single, "a lil bit", though it's also the kind of contagious racket that will turn a non-plussed frown into a convinced nod. The Siler Lake foursome's hyper guitar leads and blistering synth stabs hit you with a frantic unease, and though it's not inspired by any current trend, it does peculiarly evoke the dance-punk craze of bands like Death Above 1979 and !!!. Perhaps those references are sightly out of touch, or even premature, for today's grunge-obsessed revisionits, but it's only a point of reference; coyote's bracing and agitated strut provides, well, more than just "a lil bit" of joyful release.

Coyóte's debut EP is out later this fall. - Juan Edgardo Rodríguez




Tempest Le Mans releases new song "In My Room"

With a quick search of L.A. artist Tempest Le Mans, we are instantly reminded of a genre of music from a not so distant past. The Valley singer-songwriter Nathan Castiel created a seventies vibe that reigns in the most nostalgic feelings through his newest single, “In My Room”. His sound is something straight from my parents' record player circa 1976, and it has the most refreshing and flawless acoustics. It takes the listener on a sentimental journey accompanied by soothing melodramatic melodies, ingenious writing and soulful consciousness. Check out Tempest Le Mans on soundcloud or bandcamp to get your fill. - Kayla Hay


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