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Heartwood releases impassioned new single "Peace of Mind"

Indie rock quartet Heartwood first graced us close to half a year ago with "Can't You", a promising single that had a vivid anthemic quality with its prominent harmonies and noodling guitars. Their latest single, "Peace of Mind", is a serious step up for a band that is embracing a no-frills form of guitar rock that both ehtuses and invigorates. Lead by Michael Armstrong's superb vocal range, the track propels forward a hyper-melodic guitar hook that steers its way to a memorable chorus that is all the more augmented by the band's radiant harmonic phrasing. 

Heartwood are currently working on releasing their first set of recorded material. - Juan Rodríguez


NEW LANGUAGE releases video for new single "Wake Up"

NEW LANGUAGE are bringing back the performance-based music video with "Wake Up", a visceral new cut that demonstrates the band's bracing melodic sense and passionate playing. Originally conceived by Tyler Demorest and Matt Cohen, they both enlisted Tony Hajjar (At The Drive-In/Sparta) to produce their upcoming debut full-length.

The band is currently in the midst of a nationwide tour supporting The Used. - Juan Rodríguez



Art rock duo Ablebody to release new album, music video "Gaucho"

After three years, Christoph and Anton Hochheim's passion project Ablebody celebrates individual exceptionalism in full with the release debut album Adult Contemporaries. The album—which includes the band's first sleeper hits "Backseat Heart" and "After Hours"—shimmers with tones redolent of sophisti-pop while casting light shade with its tongue-in-cheek title. Adult Contemporaries releases October 14 on Lollipop Records.

Watch the absurdist music video for Ablebody's "Gaucho", directed by Lily X. Wahrman (Dinner, Prince Rama) and see them on October 18 for a record release party with Winter at The Bootleg Theater.


Low Hum says goodbye to the summer with "Sunburns"

If you're one of those who believes that the summer is simply a state of mind, then look no further than Low Hum. The solo project of Collin Desha, who was a member of notable local act Vanaprasta/Sun Drug, Low Hum adopts vintage-sounding synths to an otherwise low-slung groove that turns more and more anthemic as it rolls along. This feeling is captured perfectly on his first single "Sunburns", a fitting ode to his love for the ocean that seems to exist in a perpetual reverie.

"Sunburns" is out now on all digital formats via Hit City U.S.A. - Juan Rodríguez



Ray & Remora releases debut full-length on 9/16

Ray & Remora were born two decades apart. As any Gen X born, or millenial who feels two old to identify with the term (raises hand!), can attest, Dan Crane (Ray) sees the early nineties as an essential part of his musical upbringing. Amanda Walker (Remora), on the other hand, is a good two decades younger than him. Nevertheless, they both brought their minds together to write a full album featuring a who's who of nineties indie rock royalty. 

After accomplishing this with very good success, the duo are now close to releasing their first full-length of recorded material, Startle It Up. And yes, those nineties influences do carry into their originals as well. One of their most recent singles, "The Happening", is a more gleaming fuzz rocker that offsets their more melodic inclinations with a sleeker pop accesibility.

Ray & Remora is releasing Startle It Up on September16. - Juan Rodríguez


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