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-- The 60's --
The 13th Floor Elevators
Janis Joplin
-- The 70's --
Stevie Ray Vaughan
Asleep at the Wheel
Willie Nelson
The Skunks
Townes Van Zandt
Guy Clark
Jerry Jeff Walker
-- The 80's --
The Dicks
Marcia Ball
The Butthole Surfers
Joe Ely
The Fabulous Thunderbirds
Nanci Griffith
-- The 90's --
Lucinda Williams
Arc Angels
Shawn Colvin
Alejandro Escovedo
Jimmie Dale Gilmore
The Gourds
Robert Earl Keen
James McMurtry
Toni Price
Kelly Willis
-- The 00's --
Okkervil River
The American Analog Set
...Trail of Dead
Explosions in the Sky
Patty Griffin
Sara Hickman
I Love You But I've Chosen...
The Octopus Project
Okkervil River
Bruce Robison
The Sword
What Made Milwaukee...

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scene blog


Nightblonde has the cure for what ails you on "I Belong Your Arms"

Mid-May might not seem like the ideal time for moody new wave pieces, but clearly there's something in the air. Less than a week after Hit TV raised the bar for electronic throwback, Nightblonde has released the shimmery pop nugget "I Belong in Your Arms" in advance of the full-length Numbers due out in early June. Check out the song below, dig hard on the purple-black aesthetic the band is sporting, and watch out for that mighty fancy vinyl release due out with Numbers. -Austin Phy


Makeup and Vanity Set achieves neon electro perfection on "HIT TV"

Makeup and Vanity Set has been around for a long damned time. He may not be the only guy doing the 80's electro revivalism thing, but you can bet he's been around a lot longer than even the most famous names in that field. From the glitchy chiptune dance of his earliest works to the deliciously schlocky dance that came later, and even the ridiculously dedicated locals-tribute dance in between, we've seen a lot of faces from a guy known for wearing a ski mask at his performances. The entire weight of that history can be felt on HIT TV, a collection of songs composed for a bloodstained purple-and-red online series of the same name. The ambition of the project lands with both feet solidly on the ground, and it seriously stands up there with the best neon dreamwave you're likely to hear.

Even if you don't happen to have the Miami strip right outside your door, any nighttime drive with the windowns down will do just fine. -Austin Phy

Roco drops video for "e. silver"

They say there's a lot of value in first impressions, and Roco (née Bashly) isn't one to waste an opportunity like that. Their debut single "e. silver" dropped last month, and the beginning of May saw the release of a colorfully twee video to accompany the colorfully twee song. The stop-and-start nature of the stop motion video, which looks like a set piece from Fantastic Mr. Fox, nicely compliments the minimal baroque pop of "e. silver."

It looks like we'll be getting some more from Roco once Pidgin Tongue debuts on May 17, so now's your last chance to be ahead of the curve on a band everybody should be talking about. If that's not enough to convince you to give the video a watch, stick around after it's done to see YouTube's auto-play feature launch into some real out-there conspiracy videos about silver and the Illuminati, for whatever reason. -Austin Phy


Holy Mountain Top Removers ascend with "Pagoda Nods to Euphrates"

Finding the words to describe a band I've experienced as many times and in as many states as Holy Mountain Top Removers is difficult, so let's stick with the facts right now. They have a new album coming out May 10 on the excellent Otherness Records. The lead single, Pagoda Nods to Euphrates, is out for you to enjoy right now. Still sticking with the facts: this is a band you need to see live (more than once) at your earliest convenience, or even your earliest inconvenience. Cancel family plans. Drive a little farther than you'd like. Whatever it takes. Each show is its own experience of far-out explorations featuring, seemingly, whatever the band members pulled out of their toyboxes on the way out the door, punctuated by set pieces ranging from Mid-East Morricone surf pieces such as Euphrates to funeral dirges heavier than a freshly-occupied coffin. 

Check out the stream below and keep your eyes peeled for physical releases due later this year. -Austin Phy

Chill Witch gets wild and wonderful on debut

Chill Witch is a group made up of people who sure know how to put together an album, and it shows on the collective's debut full-length. Primitive in its use of modern instrumentation, the mood is like one day we all bombed our civilizations out and the descendants of the few survivors found our synthesizers buried in the dirt. You can dance to it, sure, but any dance to Chill Witch has to involve some sudden shaking and convulsing, so you'd best commit to it. -Austin Phy




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