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Buzz Alert: Don't miss your chance to listen to the Pressure Kid's latest single

 Initially, "You Missed Your Chance," the latest single from Nashville-based band, The Pressure Kids, sounds sweet, dance-y and instantly catchy. With soaring choruses that betray just a bit of twang, strong melodies, and flitting beats, you might almost miss the deeper lyricism lurking beneath the polished track. When you take the time to peel back to the words, the song becomes a mediation on missing chances, the melancholy that surrounds it, and the the strive to move forward and be ok. An anthem for those amid the 20-something malaise, be sure to listen to the single streaming below.-Olivia Sisinni



Post Punk band The Mumzees to play Meal Ticket 12/2

Self-described "traitors of the human race," Nashville-based act, The Mumzees, definitely packs all the angst of a post-punk band. With vocals that rotate between snarling and apathetically monotone, minimalist guitar leads and a hazy aesthetic, the group manages to create catchy tunes that'll prove to be slices of heaven for those seeking a decidely late-80's vibe. Check out the Mumzees at Meal Ticket 12/2 with PONCÉ and James Rossand stream them below.-Olivia Sisinni


Adia Victoria unveils new video + plays the East Room on 11.18

Amazing Nashville blues lady Adia Victoria just unveiled this video for single "Horrible Weather." The Nashville based singer kept her year busy with numerous live performances across the United States, Europe and the UK in support of the album release. Adia Victoria will host a special end of the year event and performance in Nashville on November 18th at The East Room.

Shannon La Brie brings intimate blues rock to Alley Taps 12/03

Whether she's accompanied by keys, or her full band, Shannon La Brie is a force to be reckoned with. Her smoky, powerhouse vocals are raw and intimate, much like her songs, and she deals in melancholy and old-school blues rock. Think Adele with a dash of home-fried southern twang and you might get close. Check out Shannon La Brie, at Alley Taps 12/03 and in the meantime stream her below.-Olivia Sisinni

Big Surr brings their fuzzy "beach-pop" to Charlie Bob's 10/30

We're exactly a month into Fall and faced with those chilly Autumn nights, it's really easy to get idealistic about summer--warm sand, boardwalk popsicles, and top-down car rides are starting to feel more and more like functions of the past.  Big Surr, with all their beach-poppy swagger, surf beats, and fuzzy guitar licks, feel like summer but lack those rose-colored glasses we tend to don everytime cold weather rolls around. This is summer, pit stains and all, where the skin that's not covered by your shorts ends up sticking to your car seat. But this is what we love about Big Surr: there's a real rawness in the music created by their intersection of jangly guitar voicings and lackadaisical vocals. Baked + Bruised, the band's 3-track EP, is a good example of this and throughout the album the band manages to create infectiously catchy melodies, all while maintaining their lo-fi allure. You can check out Big Surr playing live at Charlie Bob's on 10.30, but be sure to stream them below in the meantime.-Olivia Sisinni


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