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Gorilla Vs Bear: video: Pure X – Heaven

-- The 60's --
The 13th Floor Elevators
Janis Joplin
-- The 70's --
Stevie Ray Vaughan
Asleep at the Wheel
Willie Nelson
The Skunks
Townes Van Zandt
Guy Clark
Jerry Jeff Walker
-- The 80's --
The Dicks
Marcia Ball
The Butthole Surfers
Joe Ely
The Fabulous Thunderbirds
Nanci Griffith
-- The 90's --
Lucinda Williams
Arc Angels
Shawn Colvin
Alejandro Escovedo
Jimmie Dale Gilmore
The Gourds
Robert Earl Keen
James McMurtry
Toni Price
Kelly Willis
-- The 00's --
Okkervil River
The American Analog Set
...Trail of Dead
Explosions in the Sky
Patty Griffin
Sara Hickman
I Love You But I've Chosen...
The Octopus Project
Okkervil River
Bruce Robison
The Sword
What Made Milwaukee...

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Weekend Itinerary

Here is a brief round-up of recommended events for this weekend, assuming last night’s tornadic activity (will someone please name their band Tornadic Activity?) does not lay waste to any listed venue.


Hard Working Americans performs at Marathon Music Works. This collective of veteran musicians, including Todd Snider and Dave Schools of Widespread Panic, have come together to reimagine a collection of beloved hits and perform them in a way that tells the story of the working man. Turbo Fruits open, show starts at 7pm, and tickets are $25.

Liza Anne is having a record release show for her new album “The Colder Months.” Sam Pinkerton and Aliza Carter Band join her at The High Watt starting at 8pm. Cover is $7. The official video for her single “Rubble” is available for your viewing pleasure at the tail end of this post.


Natural Child will be at in Grimey’s at 5pm for an in-store performance. The band is performing fully plugged in, there will be free beer for those of age, and their brand-spankin' new album “Dancin’ with Wolves” will be available a few days before its official February 25th release date.  

Go to the Stone Fox to see why folks are fawning over Angel Olsen’s parlor trick of channeling Roy Orbison, and enable local “love song addict” Natalie Prass as she spirals deeper into her obsession. Show starts at 9pm, and cover is $10.

Nashvillian-by-way-of-Chicago songstress Tristen will be at Exit/In, with Adia Victoria and The Wans complete the lineup. Cover is $12, show starts at 8pm.


Southern Sludge rockers Thelma and the Sleaze hit Exit/In. Goodbye June and The Poor Boys join the girls; show is $7, and starts at 9pm.  

The Basement has you covered with their no cover Sunday Post in case you spent all your dough this weekend watching talented ladies (musicians or otherwise...) 1933, Jimmy Weekend, Owsley Brothers, The Red Tails and That’s My Kid perform, beginning at 8pm.


Congratulations to Sad Baxter, The Deli Nashville’s new Artist of the Month!

Wowee! With full acknowledgement that not everyone watches internet polls in the wee hours of the evening, the neck-and-neck race between Sad Baxter and The Chewers was intense! The margin was so tight that there was a good chance that things were going have to be decided by a physical fight, which was sure to be a disaster, as The Chewers appear to be a band of giant faceless teeth. Ultimately, Sad Baxter pulled ahead, earning a slight advantage with their clean pop and appeal to Nashville’s dog lovers. This is a perfect moment to draw attention to the fact that Sad Baxter is currently recording their first full length album, which promises to be as earnest and catchy as their previous EP "Nothing is Real."  The next opportunity to get sad with them is March 24th at Mercy Lounge. In the interim, listen to “Hit the Road!” and post something nice on their Facebook page. –Terra James-Jura


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Mouth Reader, "Inside You"

Mouth Reader released their self-titled EP January 16th of this year. Fast, fuzzy, and raw, they’re everything a garage band should be. The gnarly guitar tone and rapid-fire cymbal hits edge their sound towards surf rock. Kudos to the band for managing to get a sandy, salty crust on their songs despite Tennessee being about as landlocked as they come. The track, “Inside You” hits with the same swift and mesmerizing arc as the first brick hurled in a riot. The band is preparing for a mini-tour that goes nowhere near the ocean at the beginning of March; stay updated on their whereabouts here. –Terra James-Jura


The New Industry Standard “Responsibility”

The lyric “right now I would will drink pure blood to sober up” should grab anyone’s ear. Followed by a throaty chorus of “WHERE’D I GO WRONG?” the track “Responsibility” by The New Industry Standard could be an anthem for Monday morning. At the very least, it's a damn catchy tune about getting slobbering drunk. The song comes off their EP “Part 3” released February 5th, of which the band succinctly describes: “The first 3 songs are fast. The last two songs are slow.” You have to appreciate a band so keenly self-aware and apt in creating bouncy punk rock. -Terra James-Jura


Weekend Itinerary

Its Valentine’s Day weekend! No matter where you are in love, luck, or finances, there’s something for everyone going on this weekend. Here’s a select sampling:


Bad Cop, Gunther Doug, Colorfeels, and Couched at the End. $5 cover, show at 8.

Whiskey Disco and Electric Western present The Valentine’s Day Dance Party at the 5 Spot. $7 before 10 pm and $10 after. Get ready to get messy to a night of soul and funk classics.

Death Comesto Mattenson, Pale Houses and Beards at the High Watt, $7 gets you in, show starts at 9.


"Slurp for a Cause" at Marathon Music Works.  Eat a ton Ramen, listen to Guilty Pleasures, and raise money to fight pediatric cancer. If you need to know more, read HERE.

QDProm at Mercy Lounge involves DJs, dancers, and live bands including Ponychase, Tipper Whore and a super secret musical guest will keep this live dance party thumping. Dig out your old prom dress, grab your man or lady, dig out their prom dress, and party straight till Sunday. $10 gets you in, prom starts at 8.

The Goldroom, Ole Mossy Face, Spirits and The Melchizedek Children play at fooBar. Show is at 10, cover is $5.  

Nashville stalwarts Blackfoot Gypsies play at the 5 Spot with Justin and the Cosmics, Phil Hummer and the White Falcons, and Haunted Device. Show starts at 9.


The Allen Thompson Band joins Cory Branan and Lucero at Exit/In. Show starts at 8, and is $15 without RSVP.

 Did the champagne and rocks drain your pockets? Head to the Basement for the Sunday Post for a free show. City Water, Jordan Carpenter, Pilot Rouge and Elliot perform, starting at 8.

Cleanse your brain of any lingering red, pink or winged thoughts with the sweet hatred of crust metal at Yautja’s album release show at the Stone Fox. Ramming Speed, Cove, and Act of Impalement open; show is at 9, cover is 5. Here is “Denihilist” off of “Song’s of Descent.”


Album Review: Feedback Revival "Feedback Revival"

Feedback Revival released their self-titled album on January 30th. Friends and fans packed into the High Watt that night for an album release show with el el, Kim Logan, Bones Owens, and Queens Boulevard. It was a tremendous and well-deserved show of support for the band’s sophomore effort. The album is a brick of visceral rock ‘n’ roll covering all the bases: gypsy women, whiskey, and outlaws. Check out a full review HERE. –Terra James-Jura



Feedback Revival, "Feedback Revival"
- by Terra James-Jura

Feedback Revival released their newest self-titled album on January 30th, taking over the High Watt with a cast of friends to rattle some jaws in celebration. The album is 12 tracks thick with the guitar fuzz and heavy bass that the band has become known for. Some of the same faces from the stage lend their talent to the album: Matthew Page of Blackfoot Gypsies and Brian Bandas of The Low Down to name a few. Dan Fenton’s vocals lend satisfactory levels of badassery, and liberties with the English language such as “-she done walk with swagger-“ drive home the fact that things are more interesting a little raw (save for poultry). The same goes for the recording quality, where some tracks max out and sound better and more authentic for it. The band's sound is just to rough and tumble to be contained by conventional means.

Rock as it may, it is not an uplifting album. It is run through with themes of bad women, alcohol, misbehavior, suicide, and backlash against one’s origins. It is a canon of growing up angry and poor in the new South. Rebellion and dissatisfaction run rampant. There are myriad combinations of the words “gypsy,” “woman,” “voodoo,” and “dead man.” Even in the most upbeat track, “At Last” about a young woman leaving Tennessee only to discover that it was her one true home, I was quite sure the heroine was going to meet her untimely death somewhere in Los Angeles with a needle in her arm. 

But who said music is supposed to make you feel good, Princess? Why not angry, wronged, or frustrated, like the folks in these songs, and just about everybody else most of the time? ”Ballad of Loretta” opens with the best line in the album, “I’ve got tannins in my blood-“ stews in the anticipation of a man finally setting things right via shotgun and shovel. The third track, “Jesse James” revels in the macabre glee of being an outlaw. “Beautiful Life” is a biopic of some of the sad stories that can be found any Small Town USA.

The piano piece at the very end of the last track “Home" sums up the feel of the whole album. It’s a haunted 2 minutes with a building sense of panic as the keys start fluttering higher and higher. It sounds trapped, just like most of the characters in the album; fettered by bad relationships, choices, or an upbringing that offered no alternative to the status quo and clawing for some way out. The final chord struck ties the detour back to the track and essentially sighs “Aw hell,” in surrender.

This album retains Feedback Revival’s reputation for hard, mean rock perfect for Saturday nights or robbing trains. But it also lays bare a lot of ugly truths about the human condition. If you’re a person that likes women, drinking, fighting, and pausing briefly to reflect upon past mistakes and the futility of the present, then soldiering on because, shit, what else can you do, then pick up this record. These guys get you.







Feedback Revival



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