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New Track: "Paycheck" - Slingshot Dakota & Announce New Album

After winning an Emmy for her song "Everyday," which appeared on The Simpsons, Slingshot Dakota's Carly Comando quit her job, along with husband/bandmate Tom Patterson, to concentrate on their music project. The fruits of their decision can be found on the duo's new album, Break, which will be available on March 11 via Topshelf Records. You can check out their new synth-heavy track, "Paycheck," that premiered earlier today at The A.V. Club. It's the lead single off the forthcoming record.


UMFANG and Negative Gemini co-headline Brooklyn avant-electro night at Palisades on 01.30

If danceable but clever electronica is your kind of thing, on the night of January 30th you should go to Palisades. The night will see four Brooklyn electronic producers perform on stage, with an added visual component courtesy of Frottage Industry. The most buzzworthy names on the bill are UMFANG (pictured) and Negative Gemini. The former is the project of Bronx born producer Emma Olson, whose output ranges from underground techno to less beat-driven, experimental tracks like the latest single "Pills" (streaming). Olson also founded Discwoman, an organization focused on promoting female-identified talent in electronic music.

Negative Gemini, the brainchild of Lindsey French, is also a one woman project - we covered her in this blog this past October. Lindsey's debut EP "Real Virtual Unison" unveils more structured and song oriented material, featuring dream pop and droney new wave elements. Check out her recent single "You Never Knew," streaming below.

On the bill also Physical Therapy and Doss.


Slacker psych duo Onwego goes on with "222"

What the latest from Onwego lacks in grit, it makes up in sheer cool smooooth. It’s slacker psych, no two ways about it, but it’s slacker psych that went through the effort to comb its hair and put a shirt on. With its guitar licks that wander but are never lost and an understated vocal delivery, this is music for the end of the party when it’s just you and a couple stragglers having a sloppy heart-to-heart on the front porch couch. 222 is set to release on March 27 but can be streamed right now via Bandcamp. -Austin Phy


New Track: "Horoscopes" - Asaad

Philly spitter Asaad seems to have his creative mojo back. The profilic emcee has had a steady flow of tracks popping up at his Soundcloud. Averaging about a song a day for the last dozen days, you can sense that the follow-up to 2015's Young 27 might be right around the corner. Here's his latest stoner-friendly single, "Horoscopes," which was produced by Plu2o Nash.


Live Review: Cellars at hm157 1/8

Last Friday, the 19th century home-turned-venue Historical Monument 157 (hm157) was host to several eclectic electronic acts including Litronix, Geneva Jacuzzi, and Future Shoxxx — our attention was focused on the haloes emanating from CELLARS, the synthpop project of singer/keyboardist Allene Norton.

Despite technical difficulties that plagued the first several minutes, Norton worked quickly with hm157 staff to reroute her signal chain through a DI box. She was not shaken; Norton traded banter as she worked, even quipped about her debut as a noise artist. At once, dense synth waves flooded the monitors and stirred the audience back to life as Norton lit a quick cigarette. And she tore through the cold with songs from her 2015 debut Lovesick like "Computer Simulation" and "Beat Of Our Love". Glowing from the backdrop of Wes Johannsen's visuals, she stepped down from the stage for a brief moment to connect with her friends. Norton's electric youth had bested a performer's worst nightmare, and primed us for the release of her sophomore album Phases- Ryan Mo 


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