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Boston' Rachel Hael to bring diverse Americana sound to O'Brien's Pub on 7/7 and 7/14

Boston singer-songwriter Rachel Hael seems to be capable of performing every type of music associated with the super-genre that is Americana. Throughout her repertoire she's comfortably gone back and forth between upbeat country jams to folk elegies, hitting every stop in between. Just because her music has a large breadth, however, doesn't mean she sacrifices any emotional depth. On the contrary, Hael posesses the rare quality of being able to inject her vocals with whatever emotional tone the track posesses. Her voice drips sultriness on singles like "Say my Name" and overflows with melancholy on others like "More Like 'Painsville.' The simple but tasteful instrumentation and occasional backup vocals give her sound a nice well-rounded fullness. With two EPs to her name, we're excited to see what Hael and co. could do on a full length, bur for now you can catch her at O'Brien's Pub on both 7/7 and 7/14. Check out upbeat folk-pop track "So Far No Good," streaming below. — Henry Solotaroff-Webber

Power poppers Tancred end tour with Speedy Ortiz + play the Great Scott on 6/22

The sound of Tancred, solo project of 'Now, Now' guitarist Jess Abbott, hits a nice grey area between punk and power pop. Abbot's striking vocals and guitar work definitely get the blood pumping, but the band behind her doesn't miss a beat, integrating the songwriting through skillful and at times subtle dynamic shifts that underline the songs' tension and release sequence. Rounding out the band's aeshtetic, Abbot's lyrics are often incisive and contemplative, and give the music nice emotional and intellectual qualities.  Their latest project 'Out of the Garden' shows a developed, refined sound, and we're surprised they slipped through the cracks of this blog's coverage.  The band is about to wrap up a US tour with Speedy Ortiz, and will perform next at Great Scott on 6/22. — Henry Solotaroff-Webber

Amy and The Engine to fill City Hall Plaza with diverse, poppy sound on 06.09

Boston indie-pop band Amy and the Engine are going places, though their polish and quality could lead you into thinking they were already there. The band employs all six of its members to full advantage, and the result is a pop sound that is deceptively layered and easiliy listenable. The lead and rhythm guitars interplay freely, producing rich melodies and countermelodies that serve as the driving force behind each song.

Alongside this understated complexity is the diverse set of influences the band posseses, as they flirt with genres like country, hard rock, funk and even a little R&B at times. Their ability to do this owes largely to lead singer Amy Allen who can seemingly do it all with her impressively enormous range. You may not be able to catch this band for much longer before they fuly hit the mainstream, and you can do just that outdoors on June 9 at City Hall Plaza. —Henry Solotaroff-Webber

The Knock Ups are bringing their riot grrrl energy to Club Bohemia tonight (6.03)

 In 2015 Gretchen Shae joined U2 on stage to play guitar on the song “All I Want Is You”, but that wasn't her first time taking the stage. Shae is the vocalist and guitarist of the self-proclaimed Boston-based glam punk band The Knock Ups. Joined by Cat Verlicco on bass and Daniel McCarthy on Drums, the band brings blends energetic instrumentation with politically charged lyrics reminiscent of the riot grrrl movement of the 90’s, and borrow from the movements key players such as Bikini Kill and Sleater Kinney. “Shut Up (and put on your dress)” off their self-titled EP is characterized by it's brevity, and the band’s fast paced riffs and pounding drumming that never drowns out Shae’s vocals. The track “1969” is a slower track that features compelling melodies and a catchy chorus that begs the listener to sing a long, however it doesn’t lose any of the band's signature punk energy. The band will be playing tonight (6.03) at Club Bohemia in Cambridge. Check out their single “Dionysius” below! - John Honan

Field Day bring their fun indie pop sound to Great Scott on 6/1.

Boston band Field Day excels at creating an indie pop/rock sound that's a perfect soundtrack for a night on the town. Their simple but powerful guitar melodies are built for foot-tapping, and the two vocalists exhibit great chemistry. Peculiar to this band is the alternating of male/female lead vocalists, something that gives each song a different feel, while still keeping the group's recognizable sound that makes them so enjoyable. This is a band with a cohesive, no frills pop-rock sound with the potential to make you jump, check them out at the Great Scott on 6/1. —Henry Solotaroff-Webber 


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