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Best Emerging NYC Soul Artists 2015: Pam Steebler, Lawrence, Tangina Stone

It's time to focus our attention on the bands that did well in our recent Best of NYC 2015 Readers/Fans Poll for Emerging Artists (we wish there was a shorter way to say that... what about BoNYCRFPfEA 2015?). Let's start with the Sould category, since it features that poll's overall winner and third place artists. 

With her powerful voice and a solid production team behind her, Pam Steebler qualified to our Best of NYC poll through the Open Submissions. Her "Give In" EP, paired with a full band churning out confident, top notch live performances, are a great asset for a young artist whose soul-rock has the potential to appeal to almost every music lover out there. Check out her single "Me and You" below, and see her at Webster Hall's Studio on March 1st.


With a slightly poppier approach to soul music, Lawrence boasts classic songwriting forged by sibling duo Clyde and Gracie Lawrence. Gifted with both superior piano skills and incredibly powerful vocals, Clyde leads the band with the confidence of a veteran. The band just wrapped up a east coast tour and will celebrate the end of it with a show at Webster Hall's Marlin Room tonight (02.18)


Merging electro, hip hop and soul, Tangina Stone offers a less classic interpretation of soul music Her 2015 EP 'The Fall' surprises with a sound that develops in various directions, highlighting the singer's range and its production team's ability to work with dirrent genres and sounds.


The other three artists in this category are Cory HenryConnell Cruise and Justin Baron.



Ohene Cornelius releases 'Flight Risk' LP at Secret Loft on 02.27

Actor, artist, and musician Ohene Cornelius brandishes his wings in the face of an subjugating establishment. With releases spanning back to 2011, he’s come a long way as an artist. His new album reads like Kanye West mixed with a little Saul Williams. It’s a party album with political leanings, kind of like having a bunch of dancers dressed like black panthers backing him during a super bowl halftime show. He is sensational in his imagery to the point of parody, but it’s a conscious juxtaposition; the fool who whispers in the ear of the king, the bravado of mainstream hip hop exploited as a vessel for something more invective. In his own words, "We call it #FlightRisk cuz this sh*t might take off." Join him and his BKWildlife brethren on 2/27 for the release party at Secret Loft BK. - BrokeMC


Public Memory spreads its dark wave to Alphaville (03.12) and SXSW

Our readers may be aware by now that we don't shy away from seriously dark music, which is in the DNA of anybody who loves the underground rock of the 80's. Public Memory is the new project of Rober Toher from ERAAS, who released three singles between the end of 2015 and the beginning of 2016, all sharing a desolate electronic soundscape and Toher's alienated, filtered melodies. Latest single Zig Zag (streaming), sounds a little like Clinic in a David Lynch movie: more nightmarish, and more distant. After playing Alphaville on March 12, Public Memory will head to SXSW to play a show at Barracuda on 03.15.


Young Runner plays Black Bear Bar on Friday 02.19

Young Runner is indeed a young band, but they certainly don’t play like one. The rock quartet been exploring their brand of “garage punk” all over Brooklyn and NYC for the past two years, getting ready for the release of their debut EP, which will be out in the near future. In the meantime, if you haven’t seen them live, their track, “Wet Cement” (from their 2015 selft titled debut EP) is a healthy introduction to the band, incorporating well structured changes filled with attitudinal riffs to support singer Robert Fleming’s harshly muffed vocals. The sound is very 90’s, mixing alternative grunge tones with garage and punk, which is certainly a description in line with plenty of current trends, but where these guys stand out is their level of intensity speed, and precision. You can check Young Runner out at Black Bear Bar on Friday, 2/19, and C'mon Everybody on 3.20, as part of MELTFEST. – JP Basileo

We added this song to The Deli's playlist of Best punk/garage/90's rock songs by emerging NYC artists - check it out!


Pastel Ghost leaves SF for Brooklyn, plays SXSW

Brainchild of programmer Vivian Moon, who recently relocated from the SF Bay Area to Brooklyn, Pastel Ghost remind us how psychedelia slowly emerged as an important influence in the electronic sound of the '80s, opening the door to the lush dream pop of Cocteau Twins and to My Bloody Valentine's shoegazer sound. The band's electro cover of MBV's 'When You Sleep' sounds like a declaration of intents: shoegazer music where synths trump guitars. Debut LP 'Abyss,' released in early 2015, accomplishes this objective with flair, keeping things interesting with catchy melodies buried in reverb, and showcasing a production that - within a uniform sound - expertly manages sonic variations. If you are heading to SXSW in March, you'll get a chance to see Pastel Ghost there.

We added this song to The Deli's playlist of Best electronic songs by emerging NYC artists - check it out!


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