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Michael Alan Alien releases limited edition ODB tribute album

Bushwick born, Staten Island raised Michael Alan Alien grew up throwing art parties in the 90s. Before Wu-Tang was the empire it is now, they were just a bunch of friendly faces in a cloud of smoke on his guest list. ODB’s passing weighed heavily on the world’s Hip Hop community, and Michael Alan Alien is one of the many still holding the torch and spreading the light of one of Rap’s most brazen innovators. Considering ODB “the Van Gogh of Hip Hop,” Michael texted Miss Jones and linked with ODB’s brother Ramsey Jones and created a live tribute at Printed Matter which culminated in a 27 track limited edition tribute album featuring Mike's mom and dad, The Residents, O.D.B., Treasure Hunt, Bonglestar, Tommy Ramone, Vasdeferens, and others. It’s a tripped out, punk rap, noise exploration of the undersung genius of the Big Baby Jesus. Each CD is hand made by Michael Alan Alien and is a piece of collectible art itself. Get your hands on one here. - BrokeMc


Rock'n'Roll time at the Cake Shop tonight (11.30) with Shiro & The Raw Dogs

Rock and pop music are fun, but nothing can fire up a party as much as Rock'n'Roll, so if you are back from a quiet Thanksgiving holiday and feel like partying on a Monday night, you may want to head to the Cake Shop, where rockabillers Shiro & The Raw Dogs will be brginging the sound off the rebellious late '50s. Active since 2013, the group has two singles under their belt. This year's "My Baby's Bad" is propelled by frantic, borderline tribal percussions and an incendiary combination of electric guitars and vocals.


NYC Buzz Alert! Lewis Del Mar headlines Rough Trade on 12.02

With the exception of TV on the Radio and a few other artists, soul musicians have taken longer than the indie ones to update their genre's sound to the new creative possibilities opened by the bedroom studio technology. This is probably due to the fact that soul artists are for the most part extraneous to the DIY ethos that's been feeding indie rock since the punk revolution. This year, NYC duo Lewis Del Mar has been making up some time in this regard, releasing three noteworthy, self-produced singles that soon found their way on the top of music aggregators, gathering hundreds of thousand of plays in less than 6 months. Blending soulful vocals with imaginative, dark arrangements, the band flirts with indie and industrial, forging a sound that's at once imaginative and accessible, and featuring a mid tempo inclination that allows space for both vocals and creative programming to coexist. Their latest single "Waves" (we blogged about it here) was released a month ago and it's already their most popular to date. Check out their first single "Loud(y)" and don't miss their show headlining Rough Trade on December 2nd - a gig they earned by selling Mercury Lounge during their debut show in September.


Caught live (and enjoyed) at Cameo Gallery's second to last show: SoftSpot

On the weekend of November 22nd, Cameo Gallery, one of the last beloved venues still kicking in Williamsburg post its DIY heyday, gave us a last hurrah. Since 2009 the multi-floored venue and bar has been host to numerous favorite dance parties, indie rock and electronic bands, DJs, make outs, comedy shows — they even fit a few modest demon dimensions in those restrooms. Its stages were notable in the beginning narratives of bands such as Neon Indian, Beach Fossils, Sharon Van Etten, and The War On Drugs. This writer was glad to catch the penultimate show last Friday with a lineup including many local talents: Monograms, Little Racer and SoftSpot opening for Eternal Summers, and a later set by The Juan MacLean. The experience was as dancy, sweaty, and boozy as one could expect. All the acts made for a fantastic show, but in my personal account, Brooklyn’s quartet SoftSpot stole the night.

It wasn’t merely about enjoying the sound, or even getting fixed on lyrics as fabrics fix on burs—It is an intimate thing to watch a woman cast spells, and lead singer Sarah Kinlaw does this in front of everyone gathered. This is most stirring to witness in person, as the power might start in her voice but is controlled as if attached to strings on her expressive hands. SoftSpot is a synthesis of eerie dream-rock with modern dance, and just played one of the most refreshing live sets I’ve seen in a while. A performer caught in a spell of that sort encourages those in the audience itself to follow and ease their steps as into a body of water. Those who desire to, become places for lightening to travel.

At the end of the night, the bright, multicolored display dangling on the ceiling over all of us suddenly seemed in its small way iconic, like the clouds attached to every memory of Glasslands. We wish you adieu Cameo, thanks for all the good times! - Leora Mandel

We added this song to The Deli's playlist of Best songs by emerging NYC artists - check it out! 

Delicious Audio Feature: Salt Cathedral - see them live at Rough Trade on 12.19.

If you are fascinated with the idea of parallel worlds, you should immerse yourself in the music of Brooklyn’s (via Colombia) duo Salt Cathedral (the band will perform live at Rough Trade on December 19th). Their gently impressionistic arrangements and celestial atmospheres, combined with Juliana Ronderos’ angelic voice and melodies, might transport you to the closest thing to the seventh heaven you’ve ever experienced – or at least a dancey version of it. We asked Juliana a few questions about the band’s creative process, check out the link below.

Delicious Audio: Salt Cathedral and the Creative Process


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