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-- The 60's --
The 13th Floor Elevators
Janis Joplin
-- The 70's --
Stevie Ray Vaughan
Asleep at the Wheel
Willie Nelson
The Skunks
Townes Van Zandt
Guy Clark
Jerry Jeff Walker
-- The 80's --
The Dicks
Marcia Ball
The Butthole Surfers
Joe Ely
The Fabulous Thunderbirds
Nanci Griffith
-- The 90's --
Lucinda Williams
Arc Angels
Shawn Colvin
Alejandro Escovedo
Jimmie Dale Gilmore
The Gourds
Robert Earl Keen
James McMurtry
Toni Price
Kelly Willis
-- The 00's --
Okkervil River
The American Analog Set
...Trail of Dead
Explosions in the Sky
Patty Griffin
Sara Hickman
I Love You But I've Chosen...
The Octopus Project
Okkervil River
Bruce Robison
The Sword
What Made Milwaukee...

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The Absolute Monarchs Opening for Love Battery at the Mural Ampitheater

Photo Source: Robin Dupuy

The Absolute Monarchs are hitting the Seattle Center stage this weekend on Friday, August 15th. They, along with Wayfinders, are opening for the seminal band Love Battery.

This four piece released their debut LP this past spring on Good To Die Records; the name of the album is 1. Its hybrid, in-your-face jams carry a lot of punch, driven straight to your gut with fiery shouts and yells.

Consider the opening track "Attack," which lives up to its name, blistering all the way through. Beginning with a twisting and shimmering riff, it quickly shifts into an immensely powerful shouted chorus. This song will knock the dust right off your old speakers.

"Fell in Line" starts off with an off-kilter and chugging guitar line before switching into a head thrashing anthem. The Absolute Monarch's medley of abrasiveness and catchiness does not go unnoticed or unappreciated.

Post-punk, noise rock, alternative rock - you could stamp their music with these descriptions and more. What they do ecstatically bring to Seattle's sonic round table is an infectious sense of melody told through a kaliedoscopic view of loud music.

Catch The Absolute Monarchs at the Mural Ampitheater this Friday the 17th starting at 5:30pm. The Concerts at the Mural series is a great summertime opportunity for fans and musicians to come together for outdoor performances. Admission is completely free! Listen to "Fell In Line" below and then check out their bandcamp to stream all of 1. You can purchase a copy on cd or vinyl courtesy of GTD.

- Cameron LaFlam


The Deli's New DIY Show Listings - courtesy of Rukkus.com!

Musicians and Music Fans,

BIG NEWS! The Deli and Rukkus.com have partnered to create a new version of our DIY show listings (this links to the NYC listings), which allow artists and show organizers to promote their shows directly on the home pages of The Deli's 12 regional blogs - and beyond, since Rukkus covers the entire US territory!

Also! For extra exposure, from now on every Deli page will also have a direct link to the local live listings on the main navigation bar!

"Where are they?" - we hear you ask.

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The Deli's Staff


Naomi Punk Playing at the Cairo Gallery on Friday

Photo Source: Naomi Punk

Naomi Punk are joining several bands at the Cairo Gallery this Friday, August 17th before blasting off on their first full U.S. tour. On the bill with them are M. Women and Black Hat.

The three piece dwell in a sonic realm of jarring, angular rhythms, thick punkish riffs, and well-timed, mantra-like vocal melodies. With members hailing from Olympia and Seattle, Naomi Punk has played countless shows across the northwest over the last several years, including a recent showcase at the local radio station KEXP. Their most recent release The Feeling came out this past April; their other album is the eponymous Naomi Punk which debuted in 2009.

The Feeling is a storybook example of an album that is greater than the sum of its parts. Over the course of its approximate thirty five minute lifespan, it creates a feeling of suspense and mystery for the listener; song to song they connect like an elliptical orbit, passing through familiar grounds and picking up the essential nodes, then moving forth to forge new images and memories. 

Their mixture of punk and grunge is unique in its stalwart decision to shy away from break-neck speeds. Every note and beat are in tremendous sync; you feel the weight of each syllable and riff as if every second prior to that contributes to the present impact.

These songs are interupted - or rather, conjoined by - shorter instrumental pieces which convey more of this feeling, whatever ineffable feeling that may be. Tracks like "CLS + Death Junket" and "Eon of Love" feel evocative and pure alongside their noisy counterparts, which are no less emotional. This album is anything but cold, anything but sterile or vacant.

Naomi Punk play at Cairo on the 17th of August with an 8pm start time. All-Ages. Listen to the record's closing track "The Buzz" below and make sure to stream the entire thing at their bandcamp. It is available for purchase through Couple Skate Records on vinyl.

- Cameron LaFlam



River Giant Appearing at the High Dive this Thursday

Photo Source: River Giant

River Giant are hitting the High Dive stage this Thursday with The Crying Shame and The Swearengens. 

The trio released their debut full-length this April; the eponymously titled River Giant soars and wails its way through ten tracks. Their fondness for bands '70's era bands like Crazy Horse and The Band jumps out readily, but not in an overbearing or detrimental way. They tackle motifs of Americana through their modern lens of alternative rock music.

The strength of their songwriting is what sticks out first - they know how to build a foundation of a song without making it wearily repetitive. From there, they add upon the established contours by working to excitable climaxes, slowing down passages, or letting guitarist/vocalist Kyle Jacobson fly high with his pipes like a wild river on the loose. Their use of dynamics is appreciable in every song.

"Pink Flamingos," "Western," and "Fast Heart" are a few standout tracks, among others. At moments they are straightforwardly country rock, other times heavy rock ignited with feedback, and other songs sound downright folksy - taken in full though, River Giant cannot be pinned down by the confines of a single genre. Good luck getting their songs out of your head once they snake their way in!

They play this Thursday, August 10th at the High Dive for $8. Doors are 8pm; it should be a racuous affair. Check out "Fast Heart" below for a quick listen and carry on their bandcamp to stream the whole record. It is available for purchase for $10.

- Cameron LaFlam


King Dude Opening For Wino and Conny Ochs This Sunday at The Comet

Photo Source: Raz

King Dude is set to appear for a stellar show this weekend at The Comet Tavern. Wino and Conny Ochs are headlining on their Heavy Kingdom tour; Isis & The Ghost is on the bill as well. 

This solo project features the aforementioned artist projecting "dark pagan-fueled folk" into the stratosphere, and he does so with masterful confidence. His latest release Love came out in November of last year courtesy of Dais. The ten tracks are immediately pervasive -  "Don't Want Me Still" sounds, on one hand, so far away, and yet its layers of echo and distance seem to emit signals from within your own body.

"Spiders In Her Hair" features a bouncy, uptemo riff that sets the tone for TJ Cowgill's deep and resonant vocals; they are pensive and tuneful. Or take a listen to "Eternal Night" which seems to rumble along some cavernous wagon road, filled with spirited harmonies and an incessant, rattling rhythm.

King Dude's take on folk as-it-were is no straight and narrow path. His material on Love becomes greatly enriched by buzzing, humming, singing, and other peculiar effects that give rise to a singer-songwriter surrounded by a field of subterranean sounds.

He will appear at The Comet this Sunday, August 12th. Doors are at 8:00pm for this 21+ show that costs $10. Listen to "Eternal Night" below and check out his bandcamp to hear Love all the way through. The album is for sale digitally and on vinyl. Also, keep on the lookout for his upcoming record Burning Daylight which is due out on October 16th.

- Cameron LaFlam


Atomic Bride Have Upcoming Show At The Funhouse

Photo Source: Atomic Bride

Atomic Bride are going to appear at The Funhouse for a performance on Friday, August 10. Also on the bill are School Shootings, F-Holes, and Autolite Strike.

Back in May the five piece released their latest LP Dead Air. They have been putting on shows since 2007; the work put in since then to create their current record is palpable. They are governed by no one particular sound, spiraling through bouts of surf, alternative, punk and horror rock.

Take the track "D.N.A." for example, which transforms their surf-infused vibe of a modern B-52's hit into a sing-song, rocking affair. They channel elements of former Seattle band Schoolyard Heroes but morph into something noticeably more punk and New Wave in behavior.

"Radio Recession" on the other hand rhythm-rides right in with a Dick Dale-like surf lick before breaking out with the straightforward energy of an alt-rock chorus. "American Meltdown" lands somewhere inbetween bands like Black Sabbath, Rob Zombie, and the Meat Puppets; but the song is not derivative in any sense of the word. Blending heaviness and country twang, Atomic Bride are fearless in their creations and thus are difficult to classify and pigeonhole. Kudos to them on their undeniable versatility.

Check out Atomic Bride on the 10th of August at The Funhouse for $6. The show begins at 9:30pm. In the meantime, visit their bandcamp page to stream the entirety of Dead Air and purchase it digitally or on CD. A preview of the band is below in the track "D.N.A."

- Cameron LaFlam


Grave Babies Playing Pizzafest This Friday

Photo Source: Grave Babies

Grave Babies are gracing The Funhouse stage this Friday for Day Two of the venue's Pizzafest extravanganza. Other acts that night include The Biz, Golden Pelicans, The Yolks, and Shannon and the Clams. 

The group put out the Gothdammit EP in April courtesy of Hardly Art; the five tracks combine bouyant waves of synth with crunchy drum beats, warm bass tones, and solemn vocals.

"Fuck Off" is the first song on the record, both searing and lovely in its use of distortion, melody, and noise. Underground tremors seem to swell from all around when listening to Grave Babies - the music is otherwordly and dark, yet pinned down and precise in its rhythmic effect. "Bloodstains" behavior is similar in its regard for laying the foundation with subterranean and industrial-like sounds.

They will be at Pizzafest 2012 this Friday, August 3rd. The show begins at 7:30pm - and for only $12 you can enjoy eight bands in all. Stream Grave Babies' song "Bloodstains" below and then check out their soundcloud page for more. You can also pick up their new EP for $11 through Hardly Art's website.

- Cameron LaFlam



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