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The Galaxy Electric play U Street Music Hall (7.22) and DC Nine (8.2)

Have you ever wondered what would happen if all the toys in a kids playchest came to life? Plastic trains chugging along faithfully in a circle, lights twinkling, and robots beeping into existence– what little mayhem would they cook up? Music, that’s what, and it would sound exactly like The Galaxy Electric. True to their name, Galaxy Electric sounds much like the universe in a child’s room woke up, some light switch magically flipped on. The electric tinkling and spacey synths can almost call to mind brilliant hues of neon blues and magentas blinking on and off, coaxing us to fall down their temporal rabbit hole and diving into the electronic dreams sonically curated by some warped fusion of The Doors and Broadcast–the psychedelic textures of the former melded with the gentle vocal touch and space age pop sensibilities of the latter. A truly trippy experience to listen to make sure you catch their live performance at U Street Music Hall tonight and at DC Nine on August 2. - Adriana S. Ballester

Dear Creek plays DC Nine on 7.19

There’s a delicate yet powerful force driving Dear Creek’s music, a Virginia-based band that fuses Indie folk, blues, jazz, and rock’s feel-good qualities into one sleek and melodious package. The compositional simplicity allows for X’s gentle vocals to soar over the vibrant guitar strums, creating a sense of sincerity and serenity that permeates each track. The languorous pace infuses each track with a subtle touch of melancholy, creating levels of textures in songs like “So It Goes” and “Hard to Breathe.” Though a pleasant listen for long car rides and languid summer afternoons their shows are infused with vigor and an energy not to be missed. Catch Dear Creek at DC Nine on July 19 and listen below. - Adriana S. Ballester

Avers play DC Nine on 8.3

The Virginia based band Avers has been making waves recently since their performance at SXSW which got the attention from listeners and critics alike. Their roots are ingrained in psych rock but have recently been delving deeper into indie rock territory. Their recent release, OMEGA/WHATEVER, boasts an amalgam of tracks ranging from quiet, droney tunes exploring the loss of innocence as we grow to more bluesy garage rock tunes with powerhouse guitar riffs and tender vocals. With reverb laden guitars, cackling feedback and plenty of distortion to spare, texture and depth are abundant creating a sense of grandness in their music. Catch them performing at DC Nine on August 3. - Adriana S. Ballester


Them Animals take the stage at Velvet Lounge on 8.17

With fuzzy chords and a sound that rivals the roar of a V8 american muscle car Them Animals sounds like the kind of band that makes your friends dingy basement party feel like the best place you’ve ever been. The guitars power through creating an infectious garage rock melody tinged with a touch of blues and vocals that have been drenched in distortion. The chorus of their recent release, Losing Feeling (streaming below), burns mighty like a track doused in gasoline and set ablaze making you want to sway and jump around, bringing a pinch of unpredictable chaos to the otherwise very tight and controlled melodic party. Listen to Them Animals below and catch them live at Velvet Lounge on August 17. - Adriana S. Ballester


Dazeases plays Strange Matter on 7.14

Dazeases rolls into the VA music circuit in an aural aura of colors, at times neon and then muted pastels. Listening to her most recent release, Welcome Back EP (streaming below), feels like walking through a glass house of dreams. Ethereal tinkling and undulating synths permeate the tracks as wispy sighs tread lightly over them and electronic sputters pierce through. The EP becomes a spacey exploration that delves us deeper into our reveries. Listen to Dazeases entrancing tracks below and catch her performing at Strange Matter on July 14. - Adriana S. Ballester


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