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Gorilla Vs Bear: video: Pure X – Heaven

-- The 60's --
The 13th Floor Elevators
Janis Joplin
-- The 70's --
Stevie Ray Vaughan
Asleep at the Wheel
Willie Nelson
The Skunks
Townes Van Zandt
Guy Clark
Jerry Jeff Walker
-- The 80's --
The Dicks
Marcia Ball
The Butthole Surfers
Joe Ely
The Fabulous Thunderbirds
Nanci Griffith
-- The 90's --
Lucinda Williams
Arc Angels
Shawn Colvin
Alejandro Escovedo
Jimmie Dale Gilmore
The Gourds
Robert Earl Keen
James McMurtry
Toni Price
Kelly Willis
-- The 00's --
Okkervil River
The American Analog Set
...Trail of Dead
Explosions in the Sky
Patty Griffin
Sara Hickman
I Love You But I've Chosen...
The Octopus Project
Okkervil River
Bruce Robison
The Sword
What Made Milwaukee...

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Interview with the Raised By Wolves

- by Dawn Reed

The Deli: How did the band start?

Dusty Durston: I was in a band way back in freshmen year of high school. Our guitarist had just moved away and Ben was my best friend and the best guitarist I knew, so it was kind of a no-brainer to ask him to join us. Eventually, that band split when we went to college, but Ben and I continued to write through our time at different schools.

Ben Eskin: We wrote back and forth via Skype, and would write and record when we were home together during summer breaks. After we graduated, we both returned to Maryland, where we polished off these ideas we had accumulated and recorded the album over the better part of a year.

What's the story behind the band name?

Dusty: I wrote a short story in college called “Raised By Wolves” that I felt embodied a similar to spirit to that of our band. And then I added the “The” just to be obnoxious. 

What are your biggest musical influences?

Dusty: It’s kind of spread out. I think we’re equally a product of what we grew up on (Weezer, Blink-182, Saves The Day) and what we’ve been listening more to lately (Elliott Smith, The Flaming Lips, The Strokes).

What artists (local, national and/or international) are you currently listening to? 

Ben: I’ve been rocking the new CHVRCHES album “The Bones of What You Believe” pretty hard lately. I also have been listening to Seattle indie-rock band The Lonely Forest, who just released a solid second album.

Dusty: Bob Dylan’s “The Times They Are a-Changin’” and both Cults records. 

What's the first concert that you ever attended and first album that you ever bought?

Dusty: My first album was either an X-Games Soundtrack or Sugar Ray’s “Floored”. Either way, pretty rad. First concert was Green Day at American University. Ben and I went with his mom.

Ben: Green Day were touring in support of their album “Warning” and it was a school night, so we had to leave before they finished their set. The first album I ever owned was “Zoot Suit Riot” by Cherry Poppin’ Daddies. I was probably around 7 years old and most certainly did not know what it meant to “pop a cherry.” 

What do you love about DC/MD's music scene?

Dusty: I love that there are people out there who have regular 9-5 jobs and are working tirelessly in their free time to make positive changes to the scene and promote bands that they believe deserve attention.

Ben: DC has really amazing venues. We grew up on the 9:30 club and could truly call that place a second home. And there are countless other venues like Black Cat, Rock and Roll Hotel and Velvet Lounge that have great atmospheres and host great shows. DC also has a really cool punk history with bands like Minor Threat and Fugazi. As a band that tries to bring a lot of raw energy to its live shows, we’d love to try to rekindle some of that hardcore spirit.

What would you like to see change in the local music scene?

Ben: While DC has got lots of great venues and great talent, the scene lacks some cohesiveness in its music scene. Part of the reason is that DC can be a very transient city, with young people coming to live here for a couple years then moving on. We grew up in the DC area and will always call it home, but its constant flux can make it difficult to establish a scene. But I also think that arts aren’t as intrinsic to DC’s identity as it may be for other cities. The arts scene is really more hidden here than cities like New York or Minneapolis. We stumbled across a punk show a few months ago in the Tenleytown neighborhood in DC above a Mexican restaurant called Casa Fiesta which was awesome. 

Dusty: I'd like to see less self-consciousness at shows. I feel like shows should always be a safe, cathartic place where you don’t have to worry about being judged by others. What was so special about that little punk show was that the kids were having such a great time and that camaraderie felt real. It was refreshing. 

What are your plans for the upcoming year?

Dusty: We’ll continue to write and play shows. Try to get our music to as many people as we can. We’re currently working on a music video treatment. Maybe a spring tour? 

What was your most memorable live show?

Dusty: Probably our first show. I had never really sung in public before, so I was pretty nervous leading up to it. When it alright, I felt like a weight had been lifted. It was a wild night. 

Ben: We’ve only played four shows so far with this new group, but we had a lot of fun playing a show a few weeks ago called “Red Tape” that was a kickoff event for DC’s Entrepreneurship Week and Listen Local First DC’s two-year anniversary. We shared the stage with local acts The Walking Sticks and ACME in a cool space on H street. We had just played at Columbia Heights Day 5 hours before then, and it was fun to sweat out a second set in a smaller, more intimate setting.

Is there someone who has helped your band grow through support?

Dusty: Our friends and family have been incredibly supportive with their encouragement and helping us spread the word about our music. Our buddy James Robertson has been especially helpful. We collaborated with him for our album art and trailers and he really took everything to the next level. He’s a bit of a visual wizard. 

Is there a piece of equipment you couldn't live without and why?

Ben: I really love my DigiTech JamMan loop pedal. I started using a loop pedal a few years ago and it’s proven to be an amazing songwriting tool. I also love my Gibson SG. I’ve had that guitar for 10 years.

Dusty: My phone. It’s helpful for storing melodies and jotting down lyrics and other miscellaneous ideas when they come to mind.






The Raised By Wolves
Sadie Hawkins



TONE & Sansyou @ DC9 10/17


DC's own "instrumental force of nature" TONE returns to the stage this Thursday in a headlinging performance at DC9. They've got a new line-up and tons of new material they are ready to unleash on their fans and newcomers. Joining them is DC's Sansyou who will get the night started with a dream-pop atmosphere of sound.

It all goes down 10/17 @ DC9. Doors @8, $8


Album of the Month: Bella Russia "Epaulet"

DC's avant-indie trio Bella Russia are known for their awesome live shows, and that energy has easily transferred over into their debut EP Epaulet (released Sept. '13.) The four tracks ooze with genius experimentalism, and each is a completely unique stand-out.

The first single, "Madame X" is a progressive instrumental anthem chock full of fuzzed out guitars lifted with echoing high notes before rolling into a mathy and brilliant chaos of sweet rock layers. Check out the video for it below.

Catch Bella Russia live at Comet Ping Pong on Oct 26.

Bella Russia – Madame X from Bella Russia on Vimeo.


October 2013
Bella Russia

DC's avant-indie trio Bella Russia are known for their insanely awesome live shows, and that energy has easily transferred over into their debut EP Epaulet (released Sept. '13.) The four tracks ooze with genius experimentalism, and each is a completely unique stand-out.   

The first single, "Madame X" is a progressive instrumental anthem chock full of fuzzed out guitars lifted with echoing high notes before rolling into a mathy and brilliant chaos of sweet rock layers.

Fall 2013. NYC Issue #36 (CMJ)
Read it here


Deli Issue #36 is out! CMJ 2013, Wilsen, Drowners + more!

Oy musical people!

The Deli NYC's 36th issue infested the streets of NYC yesterday (Wed 10.09), look for a physical copy in venues/rehearsal studios/music instrument stores, or read it online HERE!

The Deli's Staff

Baltimore's Dope Body Live Video "Youth Relic" via All Axis

Recently Baltimore's noise rock quartet Dope Body performed at Grasslands in Brooklyn, and All Axis caught their energetic live performance on film. Check out the video for "Youth Relic" below from their recent 7" release Saturday (via Drag City.)


Sunwolf's new single Push It; new EP October 8th

DC’s Sunwolf, a three-piece "seeking both the hazy fuzz of The Seeds and the asymmetrical aggression of Sonic Youth," is releasing a new EP called Angel Eyes via El Rey Records. Produced by DC multi-instrumentalist mainstay Jerry Busher (Fugazi, Elevator, French Toast, Funk Ark), Angel Eyes is a low-fi whirlwind of sinister anthems and garage jams. Get drunk and listen to the new single “Push It” and try to not jump irresponsibly into a crowd of people. It’s impossible. I didn’t have a crowd of people on hand when I listened to it the first time, but I broke a lamp. You have some time to prepare a crowd and put your lamps in the closet before the EP is released on October 8th. -Natan Press



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