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Richmond's Americana jam band The Southern Belles play the 9:30, 6/16

Don't let their name fool you too much. The Southern Belles doesn't feature any women, but their sound is no less sweet. In fact, this Richmond-based jam band is downright awesome, displaying a greaat latitude for blending genres. Their most recent album, which dropped a year ago, is filled with a primordial stew of funk, soul, roots, blues, rock, and Americana, capturing all that's good about musical styles that originated in the States. The vocals and keys synergize really well, creating a noteworthy, mesmerizing melody. Their next show is at The Camel, 6/3, and they're playing with Bencoolen and Atlas Road Crew at the 9:30, 6/16. -Jonathan Goodwin


Priests and Ought blew up the Black Cat's backstage, 5/10

Last night was a raucous good time at the Black Cat's backstage. Kicking off the packed show was one of DC's finest punk outfits, Priests. Composed entirely of masters of their respective musical outputs, this quartet blasts out a fiery, unapologetic rock set, lined with angst, political diatribe, and some seriously pent-up energy, but still distinctive with their stage presence and use of atmospheric guitar work in the latter half of their act. Of particular note was their drummer's tireless performance, railing out sick playing without missing a beat, easily swinging multiple times per second. Make sure to catch them live when they return to DC after this tour ends.

Performing after Priests was Montreal-based Ought, a genre-defying fourpiece that pulls some its sensibilities from the likes of The Killers and The Strokes, but still rejects sounding like anyone else for more than a moment. Blending some angst-ridden lyrics, space rock guitar solos and keys, and slick basslines providing a solid backbeat. The frontman really captivated the audience's attention with occasional and perfectly awkward dance moves and a voice that cuts right in between Julian Casablancas and Bono, delivered in a laconic, deadpan overture. -Jonathan Goodwin


DC alt-blues rockers Fellowcraft play House of the Temple, 5/21

Radio-ready and primed for a slot on the soundtrack of a summer action flick, Fellowcraft is a trio based in DC with a rugged, yet refined sound, one that fuels adrenaline rushes and supports an introspective mood. Distortion is cleverly deployed on the group's debut album, Get Up Young Phoenix, which has a style blending disparate bands like Staind, Alice in Chains, and The Black Keys. Sick riffs and solos, growling vocals, and high-octane drumming make for some juicy rock and roll. Catch their next show at the House of the Temple, 5/21. -Jonathan Goodwin


Blues rock Gotham Theory to play Baltimore Soundstage, 6/10

Give a listen to one of Baltimore's hot bands, Gotham Theory. They're a heavy blend of blues and alt rock, effusing jam-worthy vibes. This quartet released their debut album, Why'd You Break Up With Me, last month and it's filled with rich guitar solos, throaty vocals, and energized melodies, striking a sound similar to Sublime and Bush. Catch their next big show at Baltimore Soundstage on June 10, playing with The Henchmen, Edjacated Phools, Sunbathers, and Matt Baden & The Backflip Yetis. -Jonathan Goodwin


DC electro rock group Color Palette release new video, Heartless, play DC9 on 5/12

If you haven't heard these guys, fix that right now. A rising band in DC, Color Palette is an engrossing electro rock quintet, specializing in lo-fi vocals and enchanting keys. Their latest video is a studio recording, one that feels intimate and welcoming. Seeing this outfit play so resolutely speaks to their confidence and poise, as well as their talent for musicality that's both titillating and relaxing. Catch their latest video below and don't miss when they open for Day Wave at DC9, 5/12. $12, doors at 8:30.


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