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Melodic grunge rockers Fadest played a great set at the Rock & Roll Hotel, 1/8

Full of youthful energy and a lot of fun, Fadest is the new grungy, melodic outfit to watch for in the Baltimore-DC area. The rich, jarring vocals will get your attention and you'll be hooked on the perfectly synced bass lines and drumming. Integrating plenty of cymbal action and catchy guitar riffs, Fadest has a lot of stage presence and really understands how to interact with an audience, even if they're sweating gallons. Their sound captures some of the post-grunge grunginess of the early aughts and incorporate some melodic and indie undertones to give it some pizzazz. Keep an eye on this band as they line up more gigs because they put on some really captivating shows. -Jonathan Goodwin


Experimental folk singer Will Schaeffer releases debut album Hello, Its Will Schaeffer

Will Schaeffer seems to be a fount for the unexpected. Maintaining a barebones online presence, this artist from Baltimore has released an impressive new album called Hello, Its Will Schaeffer. Using conventional instruments, Schaeffer has created a work of unconventional sound, as the album is rooted a very DIY, lo-fi production scheme, but is gushing with quality musicality. His voice is raspy like the great blues men of the previous century and possesses a range similar to Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys and The Arcs or Cage The Elephant's Matt Shultz. Each song carries lyrical content that inspires reflective pondering and feature a strong percussive presence, replete with heavy drumbeats and crashing cymbals. The guitar work is also a treat as it eludes expectation and leads the listener on a merry hunt for rhyme and reason. Give this album a listen because it occupies its own space I'd like to call experimental folk.-Jonathan Goodwin


Richmond-based Imaginary Sons release explosive single, Taste The Waste, play Strange Matter, 1/23

It's been a year since the release of their first full-length album, the eclectic Let it Beer, Richmond's own Imaginary Sons put out a single to round out 2015. Taste The Waste is a departure from the previous releases, featuring light elements of thrash and garage rock instrumentality, but also having a feel of post with the somewhat ethereal vocals, which are somewhat reminiscent of Sigur Rós. Where Let It Beer was a delightful blend of heartland and psychedelic, this new single is a new step, keeping psych elements and incorporating some metal and garage flavoring. Through all of the high-speed guitar and drums, it's exciting to see this band evolve so quickly. Catch their first show of the year at Strange Matter, 1/23, doors at 8.-Jonathan Goodwin


Baltimore's alt-folk Stephen Lee releases album West of Twenty-Three, plays the Villain and Saint, 1/10

He has a raspy voice, a guitar, and knack for storytelling through song, so naturally Stephen Lee is a perfect fit for the Baltimore music scene. With his unique brand of Americana mixed with alternative flavoring, the music evokes images of smoke-filled bars by railroad tracks and old factories, filled with beer-swilling listeners and stomping feet. Lee's sound is similar to that of Lucero, stripped down to near lo-fi status and backed by a steady beat from his guitar. If you're looking for common man verses without airs, give his recent release West of Twenty-Three a listen or catch him opening for Noble Giants and Throwing Wrenches at the Villain and Saint in Bethesda, 1/10. -Jonathan Goodwin


Baltimore's hip-hip fusion Joint Effort to play the Tree House Lounge, 1/22

They may only be three-strong, but Joint Effort have the musical chops and talent of a dozen. With guitar riffs supplied by Neil Durr, the musicality has strong similarity to the jams of Jimi Hendrix or Stevie Ray Vaughan, capturing some of the essence of blues and blending it with their rock and hip-hop bedrock. Flawless bass lines from the hands of Durr's brother Evan tie together the sick string work with the lyrically-rich verses spilled by vocalist Eric Means. Laying down equal parts philosophy and commentary, Means freestyles are as poignant and evocative as Flobots or Lupe Fiasco. You can catch this fantastic trio take the stage at the Tree House Lounge, 1/22, with Mary El and Edjacated Phools. -Jonathan Goodwin


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