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K.A.A.N, "Knowledge above all nonsense"

Howard County Maryland resident Brandon Perry is K.A.A.N, or “Knowledge above all nonsense”.  Sporting an unstoppable flow, brutally honest lyrics, and groovy beats, Perry’s music is a veritable tour de force.  Unafraid to broach heavy subject matter such as police brutality and depression, Perry says he wants his music to be emotionally serious, not just for people to party to.  To Perry, making music is a cathartic experience, one that offers emotional release.

Check out K.A.A.N’s music video for the song “Phoenix” and the song “Concealed the Outro” available on Soundcloud. 



New Trunkweed LP Available for Streaming & Purchase

Trunkweed put a bop in your step with their uber-catchy first full-length album and vinyl release, You Are a Nice Surprise. The LP was written over several months, "during a time of transformation and hopelessness," and was recorded at Bad Racket Studios in Cleveland, OH. You Are a Nice Surprise is available via Out of Breath Records and Funeral Sound, and you can also stream and purchase the digital download below.

Black Masala, frantic world funk

DC based Black Masala continues lighting up venues across the DMV with their signature blend of Eastern European Dixie funk.  Think polka and funk make strange bedfellows?  Think Again!  With a mix of screaming brass, strong guitar/bass riffs, and frenetic singing, the 9-piece band brings the funk to every show.  And with two albums and counting, the band just keeps on moving forward. 

Catch Black Masala January 27th at the New Deal Café in Greenbelt, MD, or February 18th at Big Chief in DC.  


Glassine blurs music and noise on album "No Stairway"

Having spent 3 years working inside a corporate music store, I can personally attest that the sounds you hear all day are not exactly the most musical. It's pretty common to be asked by wide eyed customers how you can possibly deal with all the noise while kids who have never touched a drum set before wail on the heads with reckless abandon. Honestly though, after a couple of months of working against all the clamor, the constant set of squeals, squawks and crashes tends to bleed into the background, and answering a hush-toned phone call takes no real effort. 

But this is why I was instantly interested in Glassine's (aka Danny Greenwald) latest release. No Stairway is made up solely of manipulated field recordings from the artist's local Guitar Center, and before you write it off as a weirdo, novelty album take a listen--the LP is a bona fide avant-ambient record that stands even without its premise. With 7 tracks of vaporwave vibes that feel warm, hazy and exceptionally human, Glassine forces the take-for-granted din of music retail into the forfront of his work. How he's managed to transform the cacophony of middle aged men stumbling through three chord songs on thousand dollar guitars into emotive ambiance is beyond me, but it's a creative tour de force that will have you questioning the line that lies between music and noise. Check out No Stairway streaming below.-Olivia Sisinni



Aaron Abernathy serves up soulful R&B on new album "Monologues"

Aaron Abernathy could be the future of R&B. With soulful vocals, angular synths and soaring guitar leads that could have been snatched straight from a Prince album, the DC-based artist's latest album, Monologues, is a a funky R&B album that you don't want to skip over. The DC-based artist sets his compelling instrumentals against poignant, smart lyricism, yeilding songs that seem to honor past R&B sounds, but have their eyes set to the future. Check out Aaron Abernathy streaming below.-Olivia Sisinni 


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