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Catch Infinity Crush March 9th at 9:30 Club

If you missed our review of Infinity Crush’s heartbreakingly pleasant release “Warmth Equation” read it here.  Soothing, cathartic, comfy, and most of all warm, Infinity Crush’s “Warmth Equation” delivers as promised. Soloist Infinity Crush truly transcends the somber acoustic shtick with some well thought-out overdubs and some interesting audio effects, giving her music a nice full sound that should work wonderfully at 9:30. 

Catch Infinity crush with Los Campesinos! and Crying March 9th at 9:30 club.


DC rapper NAPPYNAPPA shows some versatility on “New Balance”

Relying on a mix of stuttering club beats and spaced out chill jams, Southeast DC rapper NAPPYNAPPA puts on a convincing performance in his new EP “New Balance”. Released through indie DC label Babe City Records, NAPPA isn’t obsessed with looking hard, willing to show a more personal side on songs like “Shameless”. As far as flow goes, NAPPA is pretty smooth and does a rather good job channeling Kendrick Lamar on “DO MY DANCE”. Check out NAPPYNAPPA’s new EP “New Balance”.


“Nothing Feels Natural” by Priests is a commendable addition to the DC punk canon

Refreshingly original but still grounded in traditional post-punk sounds, Priests’ album “Nothing Feels Natural” is a commendable addition to the DC punk canon.  Like good post-punkers, Priests aren’t afraid to keep the sound sparse on songs like “Nothing Feels Natural” and “Leila 20”, letting the Sleater-Kinney vocals shine through over the rhythm section’s low Joy Division thing.  Other songs take a different instrumental approach, with the songs “JJ” and “Suck” even incorporating a piano and saxophone.  In total the band does a rather good job of bringing something new to post-punk’s trademark alienation.


Check out Priest's new album "Nothing Feels Natural" now available on Bandcamp


Debut Street Stains Album Available for Streaming & Purchase

Washington Post music critic and former Q and Not U multi-instrumentalist, Chris Richards, started laying down material in the summer of 2008 with Pissed Jeans drummer Sean McGuiness (while watching the Olympics). The recordings remained dormant for nearly half a decade until the duo recruited Aaron Leitko (A Day In Black And White, Protect-U) and his Tascam-388 to help fill out its sound, before also capturing Richards's vocals. The songs were once again forgotten about, until the group came together in the spring of 2015 to mix down the numerous tracks in hand. You can now listen to their self-released, self-titled fourteen-song album, available under the moniker of Street Stains. We are really happy that these recordings are finally seeing the light of day!

Drop Electric is DC's own post-rock powerhouse

In a city known for punk and hip-hop anthems, DC’s Drop Electric makes epic, pathos ridden, slow jams. Relying on heartbreaking harmonic progressions, dramatic instrumental timbres, Sigur Rosian slow grooves, and show-stopping delivery by lead singer Anya Mizani, Drop Electric is fearlessly taking its unique sound to the DC scene. Check out Drop Electric with Staycation and Sunbathers January 27th at the Rock & Roll Hotel.


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