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Baltimore trap virtuoso SOOHAN drops new album

Party music that you can enjoy with a pair of headphones, Baltimore, MD based SOOHAN's fourth full length album is a joyride. A virtuoso sampler, SOOHAN draws on Jewish folk music and Indian pop songs to craft infectiously melodic, trap heavy grooves. Every track on this album is a real treat: well crafted, smooth as butter, and an invitation to dance like a deranged banshee.

Check out SOOHAN at Rock & Roll Hotel April 22nd.

-Written by Michael Dranove


Cero Rio offers fresh and exciting "future funk"

It's never been quite clear if future funk is supposed to be an ironic criticism of capitalism in the 21st century, or serious straight ahead funk made in someone's bedroom. Certainly, future funk legends like Saint Pepsi originally intended their music to build upon the social and economic criticisms so central to vaporwave music. However, there has always been an element of unironic enjoyment in the music, something which the most recent crop of future funkers seem to be focusing on.

Perhaps to highlight exactly what the appeal of future funk is, future funk artist Cero Rio, published through the Baltimore future funk collective Sunrise Collective, has titled their latest release "Towards the Future". The sparkling clean songs on this album embrace the sound of artificiality as the sound of the future, something exciting and fresh.  That takes care of the future, but what about the funk?  Groovy basslines and snippy horn melodies make sure to fully deliver on the promise of "future funk".

My recommendation, if you want to hear something new, give it a listen.



-Written by Michael Dranove


The Deli's Austin '17 Issue is online! The Synths and Pedals Issue

Deli Readers,

We've been publishing the yearly Austin issue of The Deli (coinciding with SXSW) since 2011, and it's our only print issue that's not exclusively focused on just NYC artists. 

After last year's fun, "PsycheDelic" approach, we decided to dedicate this year's issue almost entirely to synth and pedals (and bands of course!), in an effort to promote our Austin Stompbox Exhibit and Synth Expo - which, if you are a gear geek heading to Austin next week, should not miss!

However, the highlight of this issue is an article about women and technology. Hope you enjoy it!


The Deli's Staff

P.S. You'll see the printed issue in Austin next week and in NYC the week after.

Seez Mics is quality rap from Kensington, MD

Kensington, MD is definitely not known for hip-hop, and yet, in a city defined by office buildings and a quaint, elderly feel, rapper Seez Mics has been slowly honing his craft for more than twenty years. The result of his steady musical output is his latest release, WITH, and it is pretty sweet. WITH two other rappers featured on every song (hence the title of the album), and the help of producer Scott Kuzner, Nicholas Policy (Seez Mics) and Co. have brought some serious poetic flow to this albm. On top of the pleasing beats and rhythm, clever rhymes and personal touches give this album a real sense of honesty.

Here's "Won't You" from Steez's new album WITH.

-Written by Michael Dranove


DC indie shoegaze outfit Venn drops a great EP

The first song on Venn's self-titled EP, "Surreal", starts out on solid ground, but before you know it the dreampop kicks in and this EP never comes down again.  The textures of the album, to put it simply, are pretty.  The sounds of shoegaze, dreampop, and indie psychedelia blend nicely.  Specifically, the vocals sound almost like what might happen if Morrisey did shoegaze, insolent but cool as heck and full of passion.

All in all a great first original release from these DC youngsters.       

-Written by Michael Dranove       


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