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The Lemurs: New Vid + The Merits of Brad Pitt Discussed

The Lemurs: New Vid + The Merits of Brad Pitt Discussed

Lemurs, New Song - "Go On Fools," front porch, crazy homeless guy from The Lemurs on Vimeo.


According to The Lemurs, who attribute their band name to a Pixies song, a bumper sticker, and the lack of thinking of something better, the band has a laid back attitude toward their writing process. “Our music is a combination of everyone in the band just being creative, while collaborating and compromising. Whatever comes out, that’s our sound. What that is, we don’t really know.”


The Texan natives all agreed that they share common influences in the pop and indie rock genres, while also sharing common dislikes. “We don't listen to disingenuous country (typically the Nashville contemporary pop stuff gets left out, but there are exceptions), not much rap/hip-hop (with some notable exceptions there too), no ‘Alt’ Rock (Matchbox 20, Creed, Sublime, and the like (can't think of any exceptions in this genre)).”


The band did admit to one area in which they do not share common ground. “We disagree on whether or not Brad Pitt is a good actor,” they joked.



It has been two years since their last release, but they're back with a new video and more material on the way soon. Their infectiously catchy synth-pop sound has made them a respectable band in the Austin indie scene for the past few years, and new material means upcoming chances to catch them live.


The indie pop band, who has shared the stage with bands including The Silversun Pickups, Stars, and Octopus Project, first got together in 2002 while attending school together. Though band members have changed throughout the years, the current lineup of Justin Mosley (bass, vocals), Mitch Billeaud (vocals, guitar), Michael Kingkaid (vocals, guitar, keys), Josh King (synth, sounds) and Danny Reisch (drums) makes for a determined crew of indie rockers who plan on recording all year.



The Lemurs are continuing to work on their new album and are hoping to release a few songs in the next couple of months. Until then, be sure to check out their video for their new acoustic song “Go On Fools.”


And, you can check out The Lemurs live tomorrow night (4/16) at The Parish at 214 E. 6th Street, where they will be headlining the Frontier Brothers’ Official EP release. Doors are at 9pm and tickets are $8.00.


--Melanie Wolfson Gardiner



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