Results as of September 30, 2014, 3:50 pm    
Which of these local acts should be The Deli Austin's next Artist of the Month?
Total: 105 votes
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 Christian Bland & The Revelators
  2%   3 votes
 Lesser Beings
  5%   6 votes
  53%   56 votes
 The Well
  38%   40 votes

This poll will end on September 30, 2014

Insulting other bands in the poll is very uncool - and will jinx your chances of rock stardom.

P.S. Cheaters are Losers!

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Best Band

posted by: Diana Schwoerer
(09/24/2014 08:07 pm EST)

lowin is the best band and sara is a wonderful singer...sorry to insult the other bands...

I believe ..

posted by: Ian
(09/25/2014 02:34 am EST)

you can win lowin ..

Great music

posted by: Matt Curry
(09/25/2014 04:21 pm EST)

very entertaining

Lowin rules

posted by: David Pierce
(09/25/2014 08:59 pm EST)

love this band ..

mjantva ufjuwre

posted by: rbgwicsjhi
(09/26/2014 09:10 am EST)

mkhnabvtujo .. monurjbrpr


posted by: DADROCK
(09/27/2014 11:23 pm EST)

the well .. outstanding .. .. .. .. .. ..


posted by: kshe 95
(09/30/2014 01:24 am EST)

great band ..

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