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Garage rockers Stuyedeyed to play Drexlers 1/24

Stuyedeyed is serving up brash and brazen rock music with a major vintage vibe. With fuzzy layers so thick you can practically wrap yourself up in them, the Brooklyn-based band delivers a serious 70s guitar rock feel and loads of lo-fi goodness. Their latest single, "Mr. Policeman," deals with the themes of the BLM movement, and is sonically as unhinged as ever, offering up feral sounding vocal lines that compliment the frustration embedded in the lyrical content. Check out the single streaming below, and catch the band live at Drexler's 1/24 with Best Behavior.-Olivia Sisinni

Gal Gun

Gal Gun recently released a the first single, “Heartbleed”, from their forthcoming debut album. The song is pure power pop and a great deal of fun.


Buzz Alert: Dirty Fences drops new(ish) release

NYC's self-proclaimed "hardest working band," Dirty Fences, is back at it again with a re-release of their first EP and two totally new tracks. The release delivers 8 songs worth of blistering garage rock, combining thumping beats with fuzzy, blitzed-out guitars to create devilishly danceable tunes that still manage to stay dirty. With tracks typically topping out at the two minute mark, their sound has the feel of a bottle rocket--short, explosive and end with a bang. Check out the Dirty Fence's First "EP" Plus Two Xtra Songs streaming below.-Olivia Sisinni



First Frost Releases Self-Titled Debut EP

Defying definitive genre classification, Boston-based quartet, First Frost (formerly Foliage), has released a debut EP that feels more like a multi-movement work than an indie-rock album.  As a songwriting duo, Lauren Koppelman and Morgan Browne combine elements of shoegaze and psych/experimental rock with sleek pop leanings, creating an original tapestry of sound that is all and none of the influences that comprise them.  Check out the EP below, and weather the Winter with First Frost. -Brian Varneke


Two Inch Astronaut brings fresh sounds to 90s alternative

Two Inch Astronaut is an admirable attempt to pick up where 90s alternative left off. Twangy, out of tune, distortion heavy guitars mash against open hi-hat hits and restrained bass lines harkening back to the instrumental sounds of early Modest Mouse and Fugazi.  Cutting through the mish mash are somber, angsty vocals, of the Built to Spill variety.

While most of the big 90s bands have since broken up or moved on to new sounds, Two Inch Astronaut hopes to prove that 90s music is still relevant, and they are doing a fine job. 

Check out Two Inch Astronaut February 3rd at Black Cat.



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