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New Video: Audiotree Live Session - Mannequin Pussy

Mannequin Pussy stopped by Audiotree Live on February 3, 2017 to unleashed their blissful, brutal blend of punk. Showcasing a solid sampling from their latest album, Romantic (Tiny Engines), The Deli Philly’s November 2016 Record of the Month, the quartet demonstrates a fierce intensity, while wielding a melodic precision. The group also took a moment to discuss some of their favorite local music, inspirations, collaborations, etc. Mannequin Pussy will be performing at Johnny Brenda's tomorrow night, as part of The Trevor Project Benefit, where they'll be joined by Abi Reimold, King Azaz, and Carcara.


New Danger Mode LP Available for Streaming & Purchase

Slinky, space-age synth effortlessly glide in Secret Dimenisons, the latest from Danger Mode. Malachy Roberts steers the vessel, shifting focus on a futuristic plain; however, it simultaneously harkens to the nostalgic 80’s realm. Slip into the ethereal daydream, and see where those electro beats guide you.


Lillie Mae: The New Face of Nashville's Alternative Country

Lillie Mae is the kind of woman who can knock you off your feet with a fiddle. Her new single, off the upcoming Jack White produced album, Forever And Then Some fills a void in an alternative country and folk-rock space sorely in need of female voices. "Over the Hill and Through the Woods" creates a panoramic view of a wide-open country space, which is refreshing in a music scene dominated by the urban and metropolitan. The song comes at country from a heavier rock angle. Distorted guitars and slap-happy drums carry along the simple but heavy hitting chord changes, while smooth but powerful vocals, complete with wide-panned harmonies ride the melody. If this easy country rocker, serving as a rebellious anthem against Nashville's country industrial complex, is any indication of the power of the upcoming album, we've all got a lot to look forward to from Lillie Mae this April.    

- Andrew Strader


New Caroline Spence album offers stark Americana drenched sadness

Hauntingly lonely, Caroline Spence’s voice rambles on through the verses of “Hotel Amarillo” like a lost soul whose all but given up looking for comfort. “Pull on into the Hotel Amarillo with a bottle of wine” she sings, lamenting the lack of a lover to wake up next to; the whole song delivered as if from someone to whom drinking is their only refuge from anxiety.

The despair of the Charlottesville, VA singer-songwriter exudes pure Americana; a sultry but sad voice paired with a stripped-down rhythm section complete with slide guitar and a modestly snarling electric.

After raising eyebrows with her previous releases Trains Cry and Slow Dancer, Spence’s new album Spades and Roses delivers on the high expectations for this young and promising artist. Here’s the music video for “Hotel Amarillo” from Spades and Roses, set to be released on March 3rd.

-Written by Michael Dranove


New Stinking Lizaveta Album Available for Streaming & Purchase

It's been nearly half a decade since we've had a new album from Philly's stoner metal power trio Stinking Lizaveta. For the group's follow-up to 2012's The Seventh Direction, the band traveled to the north shore of Lake Pontchartrain, Louisiana to record Journey to the Underworld at "Nosferatus' Lair" Studio. Guitarist Yanni Papadopoulos shared with the UK blog, The Sludgelord, "We wanted to record in New Orleans because of the demonic musical energy one feels down there... At the bottom of the Mississippi you get an underworld feel, like the spirits are all alive and ready to commune with you. Maybe it's Voodoo, or just the deep musical culture." You can stream and purchase Journey to the Underworld, which is available via Translation Loss Records, below.


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