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Sofar Chicago posted a new video this week featuring Morimoto performing their song “People Watching”.

You can catch Morimoto at Subterranean with Haunter and Malci on January 22nd as part of The Sooper Swag Project.


Danielle Grubb brings poignant blues to Arlene's Grocery residency

If you're feeling bummed about the upcoming, presidential inauguration of one flamin' hot cheeto, then why not treat yourself to a hot, heaping portion of some quiality rock blues? Danielle Grubb's latest track, "Glue" has us feeling better already about the next four years (barring impeachment) with its grimy guitars, swampy drums and Grubb's own leathery vocals. This track hits like a shot of whiskey, providing some nice sedation as well as some light jabs to the midsection to get one's gears in motion. Grubb is currently rocking a residency at Arlene's Grocery, where you can catch her live on scattered nights until 3/16. —Henry Solotaroff-Webber

Drea. m. Releases New Music Video - Riptide

San Francisco based artist, Drea. m has released a brand new music video entitled, Riptide!

Drea. m commands the heart to listen. With soulful grit, haunting vocals, and entrancing live performances, this indie noir songstress entices the listener into a world of lush imagery and unveiled emotion. Reminiscent of Tori Amos, Fiona Apple, and Imogen Heap, what drives her music is a dark-edged honesty about what it means to feel vulnerable, powerful, and profoundly alive.

"Inspiration for the video: I was inspired to shoot most of the video in rural New Mexico because I wanted a world that reflected the one I was singing about--one of vastness, of solitude, of mystery...a world where time moves differently among the elements. Earlier in the video, you see me in a half-crumbled stone house with a window still intact, and later in the song I am in another dilapidated house with newspapered walls--newspapers from the 1940s!--and both of these structures were on the land where we shot, just waiting for us, perfectly representing perseverance through the long passing of time. Ultimately, though, the song is about inhabiting solitude, and all of the seeking and searching that tugs at our souls when we are truly enveloped by all that space...Inspiration for my music: What inspires me is the need to explore what lies beneath a particular emotion, a dark emotion, and the desire to tease out the story that surrounds that emotion. I get very stuck in rumination sometimes, and somewhere between my over-analytical mind and my emotionally-driven, heart-on-the-skin self, a song is born." - Drea M.


(Adorable) band on the rise: Poppies play Sunnyvale tonight (01.17), Baby's on 02.01

The name of NYC's quartet Poppies is extremely appropriate, considering those flowers' sleep (and high) inducing qualities - as all rock'n'rollers should know, all opioids like morphine, heroine and a slew of painkillers derive from poppy seeds. Both sleepy and dreamy, this band's soothing, melancholic ballads feature the gentle and youthful voice of May Rio, and a tendency to find inspiration in old time pop melodies that's somewhat reminiscent of Mitski (check out streaming single Eggheads in this regard). Their music video for “Told,” which features a man in a dog costume and an old lady resenting him, give us an example of their more "hallucinogenic" side. The quartet has a string of local shows scheduled, culminating with a show at Baby's All Right on 02.01 with Baked and Soft Fangs (they'll be also playing at Sunnyvale tonight 01.17).


New Single: "The Curious Cat's Eyes" - The Vernes

“The Curious Cat’s Eyes,” the latest installment from The Vernes, can be heard in 2 parts below. The first captures a more straight-ahead, downhill variation, as percussion clears a path, flanked by the steady, cruising ring of guitar and the vocal narrative unfolds in a leisurely jog, before pushing the pace. The second finds keys/synth in the forefront, taking on more of a mind-wandering, head-in-the-clouds aesthetic. Either way, we’re onboard. Catch the band alongside Sonnder, Stadium Armory, and Very Bad Vibes this Friday, January 20 at The Fire!


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