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Good Field Releases Video for "Business" with a Bit of a Feminist Slant

The idea that "indie rock" actually defines a specific sound is one that wavers back and forth throughout the years from being somewhat reasonable to entirely ridiculous, and right now in this age of the Internet giving us umpteen different subgenres that have merged to some degree or another with that concept, we're definitely in the "indie rock is a concept not a sound" end of the pendulum swing. However, there've been some times when indie rock meant somethin' that was fairly specific, and one of those was when the term re-broke onto the mass consciousness in the early 2000s with bands like The White Stripes and The Strokes et al., who took a very pared down classic-rock-based-on-blues-guitar unpretentious sound and made it big. Local act Good Field channels the goddamn hell out of this sound, which ditches a lot of the contemporary contrivances (nice as those can sometimes be) of the indie sound and goes much for something that, now almost 14 years from The Strokes' seminal This Is It, could almost be called "traditional" indie rock in a way that we mean to be quite positive. It's all jangles on guitars and Reed/Dylan inherited vocalizing that goes great with jeans and flannels and which appeals to most any ear that isn't exclusively turned off to summer-day guitar rock. The video here is pretty fun too, and of definite high production value, focusing on a robbery a la Funny Games, but with an interesting little 2015 twist where the girls get the upper hand and the guys just kinda shrug it off. This isn't music that's gonna blow minds, but it definitely will please ears and snag some hearts, especially if you have a soft spot for that stuff that's gettin' closer to being two decades old every day (Jesus Christ, that's fucking odd). Watch belowgor some good old fashioned indie rock and roll.


Liphemra performing Low End Theory 7.22

Liphemra is headed to perform this Wednesday at the Low End Theory with Brooklyn's future soul savant Taylor McFerrin, experimental hip-hop from Monterey Ashtre Jinkins, and LA's ill goddess LINAFORNIA. Expect top shelf performances by residents The Gaslamp Killer, Nobody, D-Styles, Low End Theory host Nocando, and independent label Alpha Pup co-founder Daddy Kev.

Due to unforseen circumstances, Liphemra was unable to perform at the Low End Theory in May. But that hasn't slowed them down — Liphemra worked last-minute support for Algiers' West Coast tour, gave a stellar performance at the second Lolipalooza, and released their zine did u cry through Lollipop and Burger Records to fan acclaim. Now, the four-piece dubbed by IMPOSE as "one of LA’s most passionate and sonically progressive phenomenons" are in full gear, with a return to the annual Echo Park Rising festival and new material in the works.

Watch the premiere of the music video for Liphemra's recent release "Magazines" directed by Liza Mandelup and witness the grandeur live Wednesday night at the Low End Theory. - Ryan Mo

Liphemra // Magazines from Liza Mandelup on Vimeo.

Bully, "Feels Like"

If you've been searching for a summer '15 soundtrack, look no further. Nashville-based alt-garage rockers Bully have turned their raw rock 'n' roll angst into a debut album that will punch you right through the speakers then let you cry on its flannel-clad shoulder.

Front-woman Alicia Bognanno sings her guts out to lyrics like "Invisible handcuffs locked on me/ Been praying for my period all week" that give razor-sharp insight into the struggles of a soft-grunge twenty-something.The tracks range from upbeat and optimistic to grungy and thrashing to heavy and cerebrating, fleshing out the album with honesty and resolve.
Check out the full debut album "Feels Like" below, and catch Bully at The Stone Fox this Friday. -Caroline Bowman


Heather Bond Premiers Video for "So Long"

Since moving to Nashville and releasing an EP more than five years ago, Heather Bond has been immersing herself in the music scene. Although she was quickly coined a piano-pop starlet, Bond's latest release is a testament to her musical maturation, realignment towards lyricism and personal growth.
Bond is blossoming in Music City, and "So Long" is proof.
Dripping with sincerity and heartache, the tune crosses genre lines to create a soft, warm sound with the mass appeal of pop music, strong, soul-baring lyrics of folk and country and underlying twang of modern Nashville.

Watch the video for her upcoming album's title track "So Long" below. - Caroline Bowman



Stream: Oriel Poole, "High Fidelity"

Female singer/songwriter and recent Deli Artist of the Month nominee Oriel Poole has made music for years, her distinct sound summing up for impending debut EP Sunday“High Fidelity,” released just over a week ago, intrigues enough at first listen. Poole offers us her soulful nasal coo, one that’s grown more distinct across her body of work— like Joanna Newsom dropping into a disco, especially once opening up after the first chorus. It’s apt shuffling music, not meant to blow the roof off the party but keeping an unavoidable groove that guarantees it won’t be ending early either. You can find out where she’ll be next and check out the rest of her tunes on her soundcloud. - Brian J.K. Regan


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